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Direct PingPlotter Professional version 5.10.4 Build 6223 -=TeamOS=-


Windows Modifier
56.1 GB
14.3 TB

PingPlotter is a simple and intuitive Windows application whose purpose is to help trace the route between the user and a user-defined target address, to diagnose latency and packet loss issues, be it a website, VoIP provider, or online game server. The tool aims to gather and record information about any packet loss continuously.

The clean feature lineup makes it easier for a user to insert the target address in a dedicated panel, start or stop the tracing process, and view additional information about the recorded values with the aid of a built-in graph that displays data in real-time. PingPlotter gives the user the possibility to tweak some dedicated parameters before triggering the process, such as the number of times to sample, the delay time between samples (in seconds), as well as the number of samples that are included in the graph.

The utility continuously processes the user-defined address and displays the results in real-time in the main window. User can view data about hops, percentage of lost packets, minimum, maximum, average, and current time, IP address, DNS, and others. Furthermore, user is allowed to export data to PNG, GIF, or BMP file format, copy the information (text or image) to the clipboard, so user can easily paste it into other third-party applications, color the graph background yellow or red if values exceed a user-defined amount, and ignore the first hop.

Tests revealed that PingPlotter carries out a task very quickly and without errors. It does not eat up a lot of CPU and memory, so the overall performance of the computer is not hampered. PingPlotter comes packed with a handy suite of tools for helping user trace a particular address, and is suitable for all types of users, regardless of their experience level.

  • See the route packets follow;
  • Measure latency and packet loss;
  • Ten-minute history graph.
  • Watch performance as it happens;
  • Save and reload data;
  • Insert Comments.
  • ICMP packet support;
  • High performance, low overhead engine;
  • Uses multiple threads for increased performance;
  • Save as image command;
  • Send email command;
  • Trace IPv6 addresses.

What is new in version 5.10.4 (Released on May 09, 2019):
  • Improved behaviour of "Route Changed" and "IP Address In Route" alert conditions that inspect routes and an edge case where they could potentially create duplicate route entries for targets utilizing these conditions.
  • Improved behaviour of targets that fail to start over CloudConnect due to DNS resolution failure.
  • Improved messaging for "Test Connection" button in CloudConnect settings page.
  • Improved the messaging when a target is unable to start via CloudConnect due to an error occurring on the Agent.
  • Minor improvements to email validation in "Email Support" window.

  • Resolved an issue where resetting and restarting a target with an active alert would result in a frozen interface.
  • Resolved a scenario where users would get an error regarding comment migration when upgrading to new versions.
  • Resolved a scenario where subscription users weren't able to view certain splash screen pages.
  • Resolved a typo in the CloudConnect session limit bar messaging.
  • Resolved a scenario where users could get a frozen interface when importing a target list over CloudConnect Agents and hitting their session limit.

System requirements:
CPU: At least a 500MHz (Recommended), although slower CPUs work fine;
RAM: 16 MB;
HDD: 10 MB. This does not include any saving of collected data in PingPlotter;
Microsoft .NET 4.5.1 (for version 5).

Install notes:
1. Kindly read "Readme.txt" file given in download zip file;
2. Enjoy!


Virus free! No virus signature! 100% clean!
All credits go to JonArbuckle who shared the account details with us!

File: pingplotter_install.exe
MD5: EE3FB824130C2474BF43ED86AD69D33D
SHA1: 394854D2A2E4F96DC95383A5784E913ADBF0C7D0
SHA256: 0F0BC8CD87BCF884EC76B06EA08AEE359DBEDDCCADA040522D843D3E5142B469

Kind regards,
in collaboration with TeamOS ;)

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