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Torrent MobaXterm v20.1


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MobaXterm is your ultimate toolbox for remote computing. In a single Windows application, it provides loads of functions that are tailored for programmers, webmasters, IT administrators and pretty much all users who need to handle their remote jobs in a more simple fashion.

Embedded X server
Fully configured Xserver based on

Easy DISPLAY exportation
DISPLAY is exported from remote Unix to local Windows

X11-Forwarding capability
Your remote display uses SSH for secure transport

Tabbed terminal with SSH
Based on PuTTY/MinTTY with antialiased fonts and macro support

Many Unix/Linux commands on Windows
Includes basic Cygwin commands (bash, grep, awk, sed, rsync,...)

Add-ons and plugins
You can extend MobaXterm capabilities with plugins

Versatile session manager
All your network tools in one app: Rdp, Vnc, Ssh, Mosh, X11, ...

Portable and light application
MobaXterm has been packaged as a single executable which does not require admin rights and which you can start from an USB stick

Professional application
MobaXterm Professional has been designed for security and stability for very challenging people

Version 20.1 (2020-02-28)
Improvement: fixed some slowness issues when a stored SSH key is located on a network share that no more exists
Improvement: SSH connections to inconsistent servers that send improper SSH signature are tried in SSHv2 by default
Improvement: added some more supported screen resolutions for RDP sessions
Improvement: use a light color by default in Powershell sessions for command line switches, in order to make them more readable
Bugfix: a master password was requested at each startup when passwords were stored in MobaXterm whereas the option to store passwords was set to "never"
Bugfix: fixed the display of serial (COM) sessions speed which could be wrong when switching between different sessions with different speeds
Bugfix: fixed a typo in the master password window ("loose" instead of "lose")
Bugfix: fixed a connection issue with SSH keys, when inconsistent passphrase was stored into MobaXterm

Windows 2000,
Windows 2012,
Windows 10,
Windows 98,
Windows 8,
Windows 7,
Windows 2003,
Windows 2008,
Windows Vista,
Windows XP

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