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Direct CCleaner Free/Business/Professional/Technician version 5.71 Build 7971 Repack -=TeamOS=-


Windows Modifier
56.1 GB
15.2 TB

CCleaner (Crap Cleaner) is a system optimization privacy and cleaning tool. It removes unused files from the user system, allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. It also cleans traces of online user activities such as Internet history. Additionally, it contains a fully featured registry cleaner. However, the best part is that it is fast (usually taking less than a second to run) and contains NO Spyware or Adware!

Cleans the following Windows components
Internet Explorer:

  • Temporary File Cache;
  • URL History;
  • Cookies;
  • Hidden Index.dat files;
  • Last download file location.
  • Temporary File Cache;
  • URL History;
  • Cookies;
  • Download manager;
  • Recycle Bin;
  • Clipboard;
  • Windows Temporary files;
  • Windows Log files;
  • Recent Documents (on the Start Menu);
  • Run history (on the Start Menu);
  • Windows XP Search Assistant history;
  • Windows XP old Prefetch data;
  • Windows memory dumps after crashes;
  • Chkdsk file fragments.
Advanced Options allow cleaning of:
  • Menu Order cache;
  • Tray Notifications Cache;
  • Window Size and Location Cache;
  • User Assist history;
  • IIS Log Files;
  • Custom Folders.
Application Cleaning:
As well as cleaning up old files and settings left by standard Windows components, CCleaner also cleans temporary files and recent file lists for many applications. Including Firefox, Opera, Safari, Media Player, eMule, Kazaa, Google Toolbar, Netscape, Microsoft Office, Nero, Adobe Acrobat Reader, WinRAR, WinAce, WinZip and more.

Registry cleaning:
CCleaner uses an advanced Registry Cleaner to check for problems and inconsistencies. It can check the following:
  • File Extensions;
  • ActiveX Controls;
  • ClassIDs;
  • ProgIDs;
  • Uninstallers;
  • Shared DLLs;
  • Fonts;
  • Help File references;
  • Application Paths;
  • Icons;
  • Invalid Shortcuts and more...

  • Safety;
  • High Security;
  • Multiple Languages.

What is new in version 5.71.7971 (Released on September 14, 2020):
Important information for Firefox users:
  • The update includes cleaning improvements to Spotify and Firefox cleaning and all users can now opt out of offers for other products.

  • Firefox internet cache cleaning now includes startup cache;
  • New! Added cleaning for Spotify to clean cached songs (but not your saved songs for offline use).

Privacy Settings
  • All users can now opt out of offers for other products.

What is new in version 5.70.7909 (Released on August 06, 2020):
Important information for Firefox users:
  • If user use Firefox with a Firefox account, we strongly recommend that you update CCleaner to version 5.70 before cleaning. This version of CCleaner fixes an issue that can cause extension settings to be lost in Firefox;
  • The update also includes performance improvements and improved support for Opera GX.

Important fix for Firefox users
  • Fixed a bug where CCleaner could wipe extension settings in Firefox if using a Firefox account.

  • Added Smart Clean support for Opera GX;
  • CCleaner now differentiates between Opera and Opera GX processes;
  • Fixed a rare bug where Health Check would not close all selected browsers.

  • Fixed a performance issue where CCleaner could use more CPU than it needed;
  • DetectOS syntax correctly supports full Windows build numbers in WinApp2.

What is new in version 5.69.7865 (Released on July 21, 2020):
This version of CCleaner brings all-new cleaning for the Opera GX browser and bug fixes.
  • Added cleaning support for Opera GX gaming browser.

  • Minor UI improvements;
  • Fixed DetectOS from|to syntax functionality in WinApp2;
  • Fixed occasional missing information in the Licence Information screen.

What is new in version 5.66.7716 (Released on May 01, 2020):
In this version of CCleaner we have added full cleaning support for the Brave and Vivaldi browsers;
Please note we have patched the 5.66.7705 version to 5.66.7716 to fix a stability issue in the CCleaner Professional Trial flow.

  • Brave browser can now be cleaned independently;
  • Vivaldi browser can now be cleaned independently.

Health Check
  • Fixed an issue where 'Cookies' was also deleting internet history and was incorrectly reporting large numbers of trackers;
  • Internet history is now deleted via the ‘History’ Privacy category, which also includes download history and recently typed URLs.

Pro Trial
  • Starting a CCleaner Professional trial now gives you a guided experience to its features.

What is new in version 5.65.7632 (Released on March 24, 2020):
Better Cleaning
  • Added new areas in Internet Explorer's LocalAppData;
  • Improved Internet Explorer cache cleaning.
Smart Cleaning
  • Browser Smart Cleaning now supports Edge Chromium.
Health Check
  • Health Check no longer shows a connection error incorrectly;
  • Improved wording around connection errors to avoid unnecessary confusion;
  • Fixed Health Check freezing in some cases when CCleaner is launched.
  • CCleaner is now translated into Bengali and Urdu;
  • Made improvements to various translations;
  • Fixed a bug where the Estonian language option was showing Slovenian.
Bug Fixes & Minor Changes
  • Fixed a bug where erroneous data was being added to the .ini file.

What is new in version 5.63.7540 (Released on October 15, 2019):
  • This release contains a critical security update and some minor bug fixes and UI updates.

What is new in version 5.62.7538 (Released on October 03, 2019):
  • Added cleaning for recent searches in Microsoft Outlook.
Feature Preview:
  • Some users of CCleaner will be able to preview the next iteration of our Easy Clean feature. We will fully roll out this feature in the coming weeks.
  • We have listened to the user's feedback and are testing improvements to the presentation of product offers during the installation.

What is new in version 5.56.7144 (Released on April 09, 2019):
Software Updater:
  • Moved the Software Updater to the second slot in the "Tools" menu;
  • Stability improvements;
  • Improved software identification;
  • Added new supported software.
Browser Cleaning:
  • Improved IE & Edge cleaning.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue where the "Cookies to Keep" list was not saving correctly.
  • Added the Malay language.

What is new in version 5.55.7108 (Released on March 12, 2019):
Software Updater (CCleaner Professional edition)
  • Added new Software Updater feature to the "Tools" menu;
  • Scans your PC and shows any available updates;
  • Select which apps you want to update and queue them up;
  • More improvements coming soon!
Browser Plugins
  • Fixed Opera plugins are not displaying correctly.

What is new in version 5.54.7088 (Released on March 04, 2019):
Feature Preview
  • Some users of CCleaner Professional (and its trial) will find an early version of a new feature in the Tools menu. We will fully roll out this feature to CCleaner Professional in the coming weeks.
  • Fixed an issue that, in isolated cases, could cause some notifications to be shown too often.

What is new in version 5.50.6911 (Released on November 29, 2018):
  • Added new menu: "Options" > "Updates";
  • Added new controls for automatic updates and update notifications.

What is new in version 5.49.6856 (Released on November 12, 2018):
Windows and Browser Cleaning:
  • Added and improved cleaning to the Common Language Runtime (CLR) folders;
  • Extended the cleaning of Windows error reporting temporary folders;
  • Fixed Firefox cleaning rules which were causing corrupted profiles for some users.
  • Minor bug fixes;
  • Small UI improvements.

1. Installation of the program combined or unpacking of the portable version;
2. Selection the program edition of the installation:
  • Free Edition;
  • Business Edition;
  • Technician Edition;
  • Professional Edition /default/.
3. Paid editions do not require registration (key + checking lock);
4. Multilingual interface;
5. Advanced Start menu shortcuts;
6. Holds program settings (choice at installation) in the registry or the INI-files;
7. The ability to block Internet activity CCleaner (telemetry):
  • No Lock;
  • Avast Servers and license check;
  • Full lock (the program does not see the Internet) /default/.
Locking only in executable program files (the changes are not made to the hosts)
8. Optional installation CCEnhancer* (requires .NET Framework 4+), program to download and update CCleaner extended database (mod by wvxwxvw);
9. The ability to import settings from settings.reg or pick up and auto-copy a user customization file ccleaner.ini (if located next to the installer).

*Advanced - Trim winapp2.ini to speed up the start of the program if installing CCEnhancer
"Silent" installation with the /SILENT or /VERYSILENT switches (or the Silent Install.cmd file)
For the "silent" unpacking of the portable version, the additional key /PORTABLE=1 (or the file "Unpack Portable.cmd")

System requirements:
OS: Microsoft Windows® 10 (all editions, 32 & 64-bit 64-bit);
Windows 8 (all editions, 32 & 64-bit);
Windows 7 (all editions, 32 & 64-bit);
Windows Vista (all editions, 32 & 64-bit);
Windows XP (all editions, 32 & 64-bit);
Windows 2003, 2008 and 2012 Server (all editions).

Install notes:
1. Run the executable file or command-line interpreter program for silent installation;
2. Enjoy!


Virus free! 100% clean!
All credits go to the elchupacabra, who made and shared the repack and portable versions with us!

File: CCleaner.v5.71.7971.exe
MD5: 521836AC31955E6EF053FC8C01FA76BB
SHA1: 62A63203B715A5C19034A1D39EAFA25CDCD59C9F
SHA256: BB07BEF0B8042F2256CF665B36D77599079B6DC7FF25D5D09455A41C2C4346B2

Kind regards,
in collaboration with TeamOS ;)

ALTERNATIVE: CCleaner Professional version x.x.x.x (Updatable Portable app)

Download links - version 5.71 Build 7971 (Size: 19.54 MB):



Registered User
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Nice appreciate the update. I am used to this program, but foe me, the last few versions I could not get working. Thank you for the opportunity to try again.


Verified Member
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great upload. i usually use the technical version but i saw that some features are for the pro version. silent installed pro over tech and works perfectly. thanQ