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Team - Os : Torrenting Guidance Plus Ratio Solutions Here!

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Today we are here to guide you and explain, more than this we want to show you how to fix your torrent ratio and how to increase overall ratio here.
First, we would like to show you the meaning of some important things.
Remember, minimum required ratio to download torrent is: 0.40

Remember: Public trackers, Outside trackers, Outside torrents cannot help you increase ratio because TeamOS tracker has no relation with any of them.
We are private tracker and it works only with TeamOS to your torrent client/System.
Avoid making stupid remarks/ requests ''Can I/ we use public tracker to increase ratio'' and all that useless stuff. Read below very carefully.

If you carelessly didn't backup files and formatted and permanently lost your .torrent files then you now only have 2 options...
1. Trade in bonus points if you have any >> >>>> if you have no bonus points then..
2. The only way to fix is to get VIP>> >>> otherwise you can no longer use torrents anymore,
Only Direct Download Links...

Team OS is not Responsible for Your ratio.. You are.

What Is Ratio:
1) In general, a ratio is a way of concisely showing the relationship between two quantities of something.
The most formal way of stating a ratio is by separating the two quantities with a colon although sometimes a division sign (/) is used in place of the colon.
Thus, where there is a ratio of 5:2 between apples and oranges, for each five apples, there are two oranges.

For a ratio to have meaning, both numbers must be nonzero.
2) In mathematics, a ratio is a quotient used to compare quantities of the same units of measure.

What Is A Torrent Ratio:
On private torrent sites, everything revolves around ratios. A 1:1 ratio (or 1.0) means that you've downloaded exactly the same amount of data as you've uploaded.
Thus a 0.80 ratio indicates that you've uploaded less than you've downloaded, which is hurtful to the health of the torrent.

What Is A Share Ratio:
This is the amount uploaded/ the amount downloaded. Once your ratio is up to 1.00, you have completely uploaded the data once.
In general, Share ratio is a measure of your sharing activity.
The ratio is calculated by dividing the amount of uploaded data by the amount of downloaded data. If the ratio is over 1.0, you have uploaded more than downloaded.
If it is below 1.0, you have downloaded more than uploaded. It is generally considered good form to at least share back the equivalent amount of traffic as the original file size.

What Is A Torrent Health & Availability:

Health: This is related to the upload and download statistics of a torrent. The more seeders and leechers there are, and the better the ratio (i.e. the number of seeders : leechers) –
the healthier a torrent is. The health of a torrent is therefore closely related to download speeds.
Availability: That number tells you how many unique copies of the file are available between yourself and the peers you're connected to.
If this is less than 1, you most likely will not be able to complete the torrent. The only thing you can do is wait and hope a seeder hops onto the torrent to allow you to complete it.
You can also try and request a "reseed" on the tracker's forum. Sometimes, this may never happen because the torrent was abandoned, and you may need to find the torrent elsewhere.

How to Seed A Torrent:
In order to seed a Torrent you need to make sure the files you want to seed are in the right folder,
if they are and you've got peers connected to the Torrent it will automatically start seeding if your settings are set by default.
Please make sure your PC is on and your Torrent client is active for seeding, once you switch it off the connection will be lost,
if other users have not completed the download everyone will be waiting for you to reconnect,
you should consider this when posting new Torrents as it's up to you to seed until others have finished.

How to Reseed a torrent again?
For re-seeding (adding a new torrent to uTorrent and start seeding it from files you already have on your computer)
Add torrent > give it a location where file already saved into your computer (just give a location not click on file folder) >
Press Open > it do re-check it first then re-seeding will start normally.

I'm seeding torrents But no Bonus points?
If you seeded any torrent/several torrents for 59 Minutes then they cannot give you any Bonus point.
Keep in mind bonus point may effect to get count after 61 Minutes (60 minutes to 61 between in any Second)
And make sure your Torrent Client configured correct to identify tracker time to time.
Lastly If you use VPN/Proxy then Seeding period cannot identify with Tracker system.
Means it's probably never gonna give you any Bonus point during VPN/Proxy usage.
If you want to make it work then Configure VPN/Proxy to connection+Torrent Client.

I'm seeding but no upload speed/rate?
If Uploading not giving you any rate or speed when you're seeding torrents? then it means you've downloaded old torrent or torrents that have no leecher/peer that seems undone.
In short that means torrents data completely shared and has no piece to get hand over to next peer.
Remember You're seeding torrents and no Upload speed than do not complain because seeding aren't mean to get any upload rate unless any peer near to you try downloading it,
sometimes it would start or mostly not and never or it would not sure because torrent data get shared through peers and peer get connected according to connection area.
And most of time you would start with Uploader's and end with them when file finished.
So stop complaining about upload speed/rate. Just keep seeding and get advantage by Bonus points to exchange and earn upload credit.

Freeleech doesn't mean you are allowed to leech that torrent and not seed anything back.
Freeleech means that any torrents marked freeleech will not count towards your overall DOWNLOAD amount.
Anything you seed back on freeleech torrents will count towards your UPLOAD amount.
If you always download freeleech torrents from day 1 then your DOWNLOAD will show 0.00 and your ratio will be INFINITE.

Note: Effective 08/20/2018 4GB plus is rules for FreeLeech.. Per @Mr.Lonely

Few of users here having questions that ''how to fix ratio'' ''how to get ratio'' ''ratio going down'' all that stuff. so here's the fix and the way you can get ride of it.

See at main page at right corner bars this is Overall status each and every user can see at their Bittorrent Stats.

Alright! if your ratio status went ''Red'' and amount shown like this 0.19 - 0.18 - 0.04 something like that.
It means you're doing so poor with ratio and you must increase it to at least 1.1 to make your ratio stable.
Remember if your ratio went less then 0.40 then you won't download anything from here.
Required ratio is 0.40 to have rest of it. Read Here About Bonus Point Function: post-41944

Yours Question:: Why Ratio Status Went Down?
- Because you have downloaded data more then you uploaded here. or else you have just downloaded data without seeding it. (that's bad)
- Downloading: more then your Uploaded percentage will Decrease your Ratio.
- Uploading: more then your Downloaded percentage will Increase your Ratio.
Example: You have Downloaded 4.8GB & you have uploaded 2GB but actually you did not uploaded anything yet because That 2GB uploaded given you as default to start downloading & seeding with TeamOS normally with no pain. so if you download 4.8GB & uploaded 1.5GB then you will never have low ratio pain, Upload torrents or Seed torrents after downloading can only increase your Ratio.

Here's the fix & possible solutions to increase your ratio:
1. Stop downloading what ever you're downloading from TeamOS. now read below solutions.
2. If your ratio is good standing and your downloading torrents? If your Ratio is not good standing
but you're still have few torrents in client to download/seed, then kindly do this trick to avoid losing Ratio:
- Limit your download speed lower. 5 to 10Kbps
- Limit your upload speed higher. Unlimited

1) Seed those torrents which you already have downloaded from here.
- if they are available on your HDD then get them back to seed them. Open .torrent file again and select the location where data is saved
''it will recheck and start seeding''
- if you have torrent's data but don't know how to get .torrent file? then unhide system items.
Now Go to > Partition C > Users > Username > Roaming > utorrent/bittorent. Here's the location:
if you copied the torrent's data to different partition, if data is still there at first location,
then no worries just open the .torrent file you seen into the utorrent folder that you recently downloaded from here > At pop up window > select and force location where the torrent data is saved > it will check and start seeding or it will check and start downloading if data still missing.

- if you are downloading torrents, or if torrent starts downloading from any part if data missing > just limit your download speed to > 1 or 2kbps and lets uploading do the full high performance.
- TeamOS has also given us a gift, download/seed specific amount of torrents and each torrent will give you 1 bonus point per hour per torrent so you can exchange your bonus points to increase upload credits.
See here:

2) If unfortunately or accidentally you have lost torrent's data/deleted?
- Don't try to download them again. Best way to download Freeleech torrents, They won't affect your download amount,
means whatever you download from freeleech torrent it stays 0% data downloaded.
And the upload you get by freeleech torrent that will count and you will get ratio credit by seeding them.
- other than this, get the latest uploaded torrent with huge amount of data like above 3GB,
limit the download to 1 or 2kbps & lets upload do best perfomance to get upload credit.

3) Above Verified Member
> If you can effort/handle then you may upload a torrent here to fix ratio:
- Read & follow here how to create & upload torrent on TeamOS:

Note: If you did not seed your torrent within 24 hour, then it will get removed without any notice.
Upload only if you can handle it because if your torrent found as dead then it will be gone. Your torrent must have full required information and details. No dump/No retag.

-Read more here:

That's all folks, that's really all.

Always seed torrent after download, be a good seeder.
Leechers are bad because they left torrent after download or without completing download and
they never stand to help others by seeding & sharing their data. So be a good pirate!

More about utorrent & torrent can be found here:

Regards, Team OS
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That is one of the best and most important guides ever needed for this site! :clap: :rock:

Even I am learning a lot from this, because I'm still seeding torrents that I've downloaded
from TeamOS-- but sometimes they're showing upload speeds, and other times they're
showing no upload speeds at all and so I refresh the trackers from my client.
But the most important thing is to keep seeding what was downloaded.

This will help users understand how the torrent system works, and how to seed the
torrents they've downloaded from TeamOS.
Now users need to see this guide when they have questions or problems about their ratios...

...Is there any way this guide can be placed or amended to the site's Torrent rules?
Or placed somewhere in the front of the forum where users can actually click
a link to access it as a quick point of reference?
Or sticky this guide permanently to the top main index of this forum section?
This guide is very important, and we really need it so that members here
can read it, and get their ratios up, and feel inspired to become more active here at TeamOS.

Brother Strength, thank you so much for writing this awesome guide! :rock: :clap:
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...just a helpful ;) :blush:
First of all thanks a bunch for nice & positive feedback :blush:
2ndly, it was totally typing mistake, not a grammar issue otherwise how could i typed correct at top & incorrect at bottom. LOL!
anyway thanks for heads up and it has been edited now. ;)

Again, thanks for the torrent guide! :D
Yeah that's right, but most of the time peoples do typing mistake when they've in hurry, obviously everyone have other stuff to do at meantime they've doing stuff like this. anyway!
It would be nice of you if you edit your first post and remove the statement listed at bottom. Thanks :)

Now lets leave this discussion & stick to the topic.
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Newbies Must Read It.

Example: You might exchange your bonus points to get upload to fix required ratio.
Each torrent you're seeding that will give you 1 bonus point per hour. so count now if you're actively seeding 4 torrents: 24x4=96 (per 24 hours) and if you seed 4 torrents for 48 hours (24/7) then it means you above 120 bonus points and you can Exchange bonus points with upload. more you earned more you can get upload credit by exchanging bonus points.

Note: If you seeded any torrent/several torrents for 59 Minutes then they cannot give you any Bonus point. Keep in mind bonus point may effect to get count after 61 Minutes (60 minutes to 61 between in any Second) And make sure your Torrent Client configured correct to identify tracker time to time. Lastly If you use VPN/Proxy then Seeding period cannot identify with Tracker system. means it's probably never gonna give you any Bonus point during VPN/Proxy usage. If you want to make it work then Configure VPN/Proxy to connection+Torrent Client.

See screenshot.

Your Bonus Points Available here:

This post won't be added into thread because of letters limitation. have a good read. Good luck! :)
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