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Team - Os : All Faq 's Are Here.. {2019}

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What are the best things to read before starting with TeamOS?
You must read few of guidance threads before doing anything here.
Site Rules - Do's & Don'ts

How do i become VIP Member?
Kindly, go here and apply.

Who do I message if I have issues with VIP upgration?
Contact with Super Admin>> @Mr.Lonely

I Signed Up Here But Haven't Received Confirmation Email:
It takes 24 hours normally, in some cases it's possible you won't receive it. Check your Email inbox and Spam folder. If it's been more 48 hours then avoid worrying about it and carry on. You have nothing to worry about. Keep using your account instead of creating another one to get an email.

What Is Duplicate Account Notice That Appears Everywhere:
Notification appears to all members as a general warning.
If you're using a single account and you don't have any duplicate account then ignore that message.
If you have a duplicate account then do worry. You will be banned.

Registered Users & Members Read This:
Before downloading or posting anything kindly read here: Site Introduction

Username: What kind of username not accepted:
Remember: Choose a proper positive username or else real name only. No Bot/Spamming Names. Like just random keystrokes meaning nothing..
Note: If your username contains abuse regarding gender disability/nature/region/religious/political groups/nations/spoiling/threats/harassment then your account will be banned.

Unable to access torrent when clicking to torrent link?
Unable to access torrent means you don't have required ratio to download torrent.
this happens because you have downloaded more data then you uploaded.
Required Ratio:

What is this ratio thing, Bonus points and ratio rules?
You must have required ratio to download torrent from here, required ratio .40 or above
Read here:

How do I get promoted to the various user classes?
All classes are managed manually & by the system. Read here:

Could you let me know what I have downloaded from TeamOS?
We do not keep a log of what you have downloaded.
We do not keep a log of what you have uploaded.
You may only see the overall status under profile info.

How do i upload a torrent?
Note: Registered Users cannot upload torrent.
Read here how to upload a torrent:

I Am Registered User Can I Upload/Provide Direct Download Links?
YES! Upload your file to any hosting sites that we allow. Read This Before Uploading: Team-OS Standard Guide/Tutorial To Upload & Become An Uploader!
Above: Verified Members > Select category and create a thread and provide direct link at bottom of description.
Registered Users: Create a thread in > Post and share. nowhere else!

What are False Positives?
We don't store any malware-infected content. Some keygen/crack/patch will appear as flagged in your anti-virus program.
Usually, when this happens it means that your anti-virus software has found what it thinks is a virus or a Trojan, in this case,
it is actually a false positive. False positives change the way a program behaves,
they modify your PC registry to make a program or software work free of charge - these are NOT viruses, and will not harm your computer.
The best way to avoid the warning is to add a folder for games/software you download from Team-OS and exclude that folder from your AV program when it does a search.

Note: Most of our OS'es/Custom OS'es contains False infections due to making them pre-activated or due to any other activation inside the OS. Nothing to worry about.

How do i change my username?
Sorry, NO option no solution.

Can i upload movie/video, music, porn on TeamOS?
Sorry, NO. it's Operating system site not video content media. No video sharing, not even through torrent/direct link/zip folders.

Can I provide any Cell number/email address/social networks/ On Thread Topics?
NO. if you do then you will get warning against your account. If continued you will be removed.

What are some of the problems associated with accounts and how can I go about resolving them?
Losing my username or password: Try recovering it through your registered email.
Changing my password: Go to your account > Password > and create a new password.
Changing my email: Go to your account > Contact Details > change your email. you may need to reconfirm your account through confirmation email you will receive.
Anything above associated with the account: Contact a MOD/Admin, if you're unable to log in after troubleshooting.

Can I have more than one account from 1 IP and can I log in from multiple IPs?
If you have a family and each member of the family wants to have his own account, then they all need to register from a different IP. For example, if Tom has registered from his home ip and Tom's sister Karen also wants to register then she will have to register from a different location such as a library, school, university, workplace, etc. But once Tom and Karen are registered both can browse from their own home.
Tom can log in from his home, from his workplace, from public WI-FI, from his aunt's place or from any other place he wants. SO yes login from Multiple IPs is fine.

If the same Ip found at Tom's & Karen's account. then your Ip will be permanently banned or any duplicate account will be banned as well. Do not try to create duplicate accounts.

What type of File hosting sites not allowed here?
File hosting sites that are not Resume able, asking to signup, filling forms, 2/3 steps before getting download link.

Which Image hosting site is allowed to provide thread images?
Use only to upload and provide images link. further image hosting sites not allowed.

Where do I request for Help or for Software or Programs?
Kindly, create your request here:

Warning: Don't ask for game hacking, game money hacking tools or any topic regarding hacking.

Warning: Don't ask for patch/crack/keygen/serial keys/Mobile unlockers or any tool. Not even Cracked/patched versions of any software. What we have you can get it from Activators/ Crack/ patch/ keygen category.
Warning: No videos/training videos/training tutorial/programming tutorial video/or anything regarding playable video content. Not allowed.
Final Note: Make a good title and give good complete details. Any incomplete nonsense or Threads did that could have been answered by simply Reading other site rules will be Denied and Trashed..
Question: Do you want people to guess at the problem? You might try being SPECIFIC in your request, in order to not overload the thread with unneeded replies. By @Astro

Stay on topic and No back and forth Chit Chat and No Bumping/Charging Posts allowed.

Can I post political/region/religious discussion here?

NO. you cannot do that here. No discussions or any hate speech, No usage in signatures, No usage in Avatar, NOT ALLOWED.

Can i ask for patch/crack/keygen/serial keys/Activators/hacking/game hacking tools?
No. Asking for patch/crack/keygen/serial keys/hacking tools. NOT ALLOWED.
Do not ask for do crack/patch/etc for any software/program. Our uploaders provide everything that's possible.
If anything is possible then you may get it with software/program's setup. Other than that you may search on google.

Can I ask you for OS modification?
No, you can not ask anything related to modification or alteration.

I'm Registered User Can I post outside link to help user regarding their request?
No. PM them or Post Link on their profile and point out why you're referring that link.
Note: No hiding links in spoilers/words or Letters etc. anywhere

Registered Users cannot post outside links anywhere.

Note: Regarding Outside Links on Threads and Post.

To make clear everything regarding outside links, hidden links etc.

1. Non-related links to the post/thread which direct to Advertising, Blogs,
other Forum and in general Spam are OUTSIDE LINKS>> NOT ALLOWED
2. Related Links to the post/thread in general are INSIDE LINKS>> ALLOWED.
3. Hidden links in Letters/Numbers/Word or Phases.. NOT ALLOWED
Solution if they are legit links related to the post/thread.
Create a Section at end of post/thread called "Related Links"
Then open each one and copy and paste them there and then re-write
the word or phrase where they were hidden..
Example: Signature Rules & Signature Order!

How do I create a forum topic?
Registered User: can only create topic in Post And Share.
Registered User: can only request in Help and Request Center.
Warning: Do not bump any thread you have created. Means no need to post anything to activate thread if no-one hasn't responded.
Bumping not allowed so beware because if you do then you may receive a warning penalty against your account.
Remember 3 warnings then only thing remains is account Ban. Keep this into your mind.

Can i use Super Admins name on chat or topics?
NO! you cannot do that.

How many Languages do we allow?
English. We only allow English at the site.

What if my question has not been answered here?
If you cannot find any thread that discusses your issue or your problem then feel free to ask here,
then find and ask to any Staffer..

Can i ask for VIP releases download link?
DON'T unless you become VIP. If you're not VIP member don't ask about download link.
If anyone found or seemed asking this, You'll get warning against account or else BAN.

How can I get better search results?
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