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Torrent + Direct Stardock WindowBlinds v10.82 + Skinpack


19.9 GB
63.3 TB

Stardock WindowBlinds v10.82 + Skinpack
36 Skins included in this pack

WindowBlinds has been specially developed to change Windows' interface, offering a great
bundle of tools, each of them supposed to modify in detail the operating system. With the
application, the user can change the look of the system and customize the desktop appearance
by editing the start panel, taskbar, style of windows, window frames, bars, and control
buttons. WindowBlinds has the power to customize Windows' desktop completely, personalize the
look and feel of user desktop, including the visual style, the wallpaper, screensavers, sounds,
desktop icons and many, many other things.

Except for the standard themes included in the package, the user can try some downloaded from the
Internet, and the results are impressive every time. With WindowBlinds user can individually tweak
the transparency levels for the Start Menu, taskbar, and windows. Also, the abundance of textures
and wallpapers that accompany each visual style will give the user something beautiful to play with.

Apart from the many visual changes that can be performed, WindowBlinds comes with a comprehensive
settings menu that enables a user to configure in great detail the running options of the application.
For anyone who needs an easy to use tool that can make Windows look truly special, this software is
one of the apps to try. Easy to use and with enough features to satisfy the needs of all users,
WindowBlinds earns a spot on the list of recommendations.

General features:
Visual styles;
Alternative skins;
Modify and custom skins;
Explorer backgrounds;
Add backgrounds, textures, and colors to skins;
Easy set-up;
Randomized skins;
Per application skinning;
Design own skins with SkinStudio;
Easy to use.

All 36 skins included were uploaded to TeamOS by @Shiminok , Please give him a big thanks if you like the skins and see ALL his posts for even MORE awesome skins.
CLICK HERE for all his posts.

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