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Direct Stardock Groupy 1.20 + REPACK - TeamOS


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Organize multiple applications into grouped tabs on your Windows desktop!

Key Features

* Drag and drop applications together to group them under a common tabbed interface.
* Organize multiple applications and documents together for convenient access.
* Group related tabs together for optimal workflow.
* Save groups of applications together for future usage.
* Manage tabs in quick and natural ways with the browser-like interface.
* Add new tabs to existing groups quickly and easily.
* Mouseover tabs to preview the window contents.
* Copy files between Explorer tabs. Drag files to the target tab, pause to switch, and then into the target window.
* Automatically group instances of the same application together.

Keep your workspace organized

Groupy is a powerful organizational tool for Windows that will keep information tabbed and organized. You can drag and drop multiple applications and documents together to group them into a tabbed interface for easy access and reference.

Optimize your workflow

Straightforward and easy to use, Groupy lets you manage tabs in quick and natural ways within the browser-like interface. Tabbing between apps keeps the desktop clear of additional distractions and eliminates the need to constantly look around for and open or close multiple programs.

Saved Groups

Save groups of applications together for future usage. Optionally add a New Tab button to quickly launch a new instance of the currently highlighted application.

Saved groups for Office files combine all your working documents in one convenient link.

Access information quickly and easily

Web browsers existed for over a decade before the capability for multiple tabbed pages was available. Groupy brings this option to the Windows desktop by letting you keep reference data in multiple locations contained in a single group that’s only a tab-click away.
* Type: Install Only
* Languages: EN, DE
* Removed: Nothing
* Activation: [email protected]
* System: x64 | x86

Command Line
- Silent Installation: /SILENT, /VERYSILENT

File: Groupy1.20_setup_sd.exe
Size: 6.16 MB (64,64,744 bytes)
MD5: 42c979013239b92e8c235f5c3de7627c
SHA-1: 444419393cd391aaa2a50e07858372e41f9c6e45
SHA-256: e04a889b1e898c5fdc0db2ecb90b1a29e52ec40b4601b2dde2f103b60436198d

File: stardock.groupy.1.0-patch.exe
Size: 383 KB (3,92,192 bytes)
MD5: 500d4cb9b19e21bf4d3ec95e3d3c8668
SHA-1: 9f10acbb3a6f5bb34c53b5b49bb9024deccbb09a
SHA-256: a77f0fb04cf16146061126048ae94e7ffacc96caf5f0a15c919a9d626ccc6aa5

File: Stardock.Groupy.v1.2.Setup.exe
Size: 3.41 MB (35,77,562 bytes)
MD5: 84e4c9223428ee2bfe6edc733e132130
SHA-1: c75f0251449fee912b2ef78a444e0fcb0d4f72de
SHA-256: 7d5f8a4a8bfe3c04b328d41c5ffd410f80835ecddc109a6ccfe9b21e6e998f7e

Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 (x64-x86)

Please look ReadMe.txt

Original Software Developers, JiNSER-AMPED, DeLtA



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amazing software, but it doesn't work with office 2019 [latest update] at least file explorer got tabs :D

omg... I'm sorry!!! please, join posts, I was mistaken, I did not realized I need drag and drop

I'm so sorry !


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Any newer versions of Groupy?

The links here work, but when I get to the direct links I get 404 Not Found