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Direct NordVPN 6.27.11 Full - Updateable (Premium Accounts) | =-TeamOS-= !-MillerGrey


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NordVPN - this software, which is a commercial VPN-client with advanced features. Like other similar services, NordVPN allows you to bypass the blocking of websites, access to streaming Internet content, encrypt traffic and preserve the anonymity of the network.


• A wide range of servers. The program includes more than three and a half thousand servers, located in sixty countries around the world.
• A location map servers in the client program.
• Using AES-256 encryption algorithm as a basis.
• The presence of the author's ad-blocking agents.
• Double tunnel.
• The presence of browser extensions.
• Availability of services of a dedicated network address.
• Ability to connect up to six devices on the basis of a paid license.

The program supports advanced concealment Double VPN network activity system that prevents the possibility of the interception of traffic on the way to the requested resource. Due to network redirection information between intermediate servers end point destination data will remain hidden from the service provider, even in the case of determining the address proxy server.

Protection from spyware and suspicious web pages filled with advertising, implemented using proprietary technologies CyberSec. This component receives the necessary information about the visited Internet resources by questioning and analyzing the blacklist of dangerous sites and, in the case of threat to a user's computer, displays a warning.

In addition, developers NordVPN offer their customers a service connection to the Internet resources through a dedicated network address, the use of which, in contrast to the total IP-addresses, reducing the risk of user blocking third-party servers and services.

The program interface is quite simple and resembles other similar means of tunneling. To VPN-server connection is made all in one click.

Windows 10, Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows 7

i. Unzip The Archive

ii. Read "Read" for installation instructions.

iii. Enjoy..

100% untouched.

File Type: rar

File Size: 9.4mb

Activation: Premium Accounts

Note: Some of the accounts may not work. but there's like 10k, in there. so use another one.
PLus in case of "Verif.. Autt.. Erro" while connecting. Logout, and try another account.


(PLZ Consider disabling Your Adblocker while downloading)
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Thank you for this awesome updated version. I had the 6.26.11release and updated through the program and will say staying connected before updating to this version was rather spotty. Since updating to this version I have been able to stay connected and have very little password verification failures. This is a far better release as far as stability. Thanks again for turning me on to this VPN MillerGrey.