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Torrent Microsoft Plus! Digital Media Edition+microsoft Plus! Superpack For Windows Xp


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Microsoft Plus! Digital Media Edition+Microsoft Plus! SuperPack for Windows XP

Microsoft® Plus! Digital Media Edition, the ultimate photo, music and movie enhancement pack for Windows®

“Plus! Digital Media Edition represents tremendous value for consumers who want to enhance their digital photo, music and home video experiences,”
said Dave Fester, general manager of the Windows Digital Media Division at Microsoft.
“For example, tens of millions of people have taken digital photos over the recent holiday season, and the new Plus! Photo Story feature enables them to tell the story behind those photos to friends and family around the world.”

Creating New Experiences With Digital Media on the PC

Plus! Digital Media Edition includes a broad range of new features and tools to provide new experiences for anyone who enjoys digital photography, digital music and home video, and taking content on the go.

Digital photo buffs will enjoy Plus! Photo Story, which creates a whole new way to enjoy and share digital photos, enabling users to build unique digital photo albums with narration and music, and even automatically add motion to the photos via pan and zoom effects that make photos come to life in a file size small enough to share via e-mail or over the Web.

Digital media aficionados will love Plus! Digital Media Edition’s great assortment of features and tools, including these:

  • Plus! Party Mode turns the PC into the ultimate party jukebox, complete with visual effects, song and artist displays, and an interactive guest book, while restricting access to personal files and information.

  • Plus! Dancer turns the desktop into a dance floor with more than 10 lifelike, high-definition 3-D dancers that groove in time to the music that’s playing.

  • Plus! Analog Recorder enables users to easily create clean, vibrant digital copies of their aging vinyl records or cassette tapes using automatic hiss and pop reduction and automatic track-splitting.

  • Plus! Audio Converter is a general-purpose conversion tool offering easy interchange between formats and bit rates. Files can be converted from MP3 and WAV to Windows Media®
    Audio (WMA) or from WMA to MP3 (if a compatible MP3 encoding plug-in for Windows Media Player 9 Series is installed).

  • With Plus! CD Label Maker, users can create and print CD covers and labels in just four easy steps.

  • The Plus! Alarm Clock turns the PC into a full-featured alarm clock that can play music from a user’s library of favorite tunes.

  • The Plus! Sleep Timer allows users to fall asleep to the music they choose by gradually decreasing volume over time to provide an enjoyable entry into a good night’s sleep.

  • Plus! Digital Media Edition also adds eight new, high-quality skins for Windows Media Player 9 Series , giving users more choices for personalizing their player.

  • Home movie fans will enjoy 50 stunning new effects and transitions , created by Pixelan Software LLC, for Windows Movie Maker 2 for Windows XP , the completely redesigned video-editing feature for Windows XP that takes fast and easy home video creation to a whole new level.

  • 2001: Plus! for XP

    Like its predecessors, Plus! XP is designed for consumers that wish to get the most out of the new OS. But this time around, Plus! XPdispenses with the sort of dry system utilities that populated past Plus! packs and goes right for the entertainment jugular: All of its features are entertainment related, with a heavy emphasis on digital media features, games, and UI customizations.

    Microsoft bills Plus! Digital Media Edition (Plus! DME) as the ultimate photo, music, and movie enhancement pack for its best-selling XP operating system. Plus! DME is a far stronger effort than Plus! XP, with fewer filler-type features. And with an incredible price of only $20, Plus! DME is almost a no-brainer for digital media enthusiasts.

    2004: Plus! SuperPack

    Plus! SuperPack for Windows XP combines the features from Plus! Digital Media Edition and Plus! for Windows XP. Among other tools, Plus! SuperPack for Windows XP includes the amazing Plus! Photo Story 2, over 10 screensavers and themes, 50 additional transitions and effects for Windows Movie Maker 2, and several games.

    Given its low-ball pricing, Plus! SuperPack for Windows XP is a no-brainer for anyone who's interesting in extending the digital media functionality in Windows XP. Most of the Plus! for Windows XP features are dated and uninteresting, but there are a few gems, and Plus! Digital Media Edition is Microsoft's best Plus! pack yet. If you haven't picked up either one of these products yet, now's your chance.
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Good thing my old laptop is still running XPsp3!
(Meanwhile my 1st desktop is running the mighty Win7Crux,
and I'm building a 2nd desktop to try out Win10. haha
Thaaaaanks! :rock: :clap:


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thank you , now hoping that my XP machine is holding it out (lol)


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What a blast from the past! I totally forgot about the Plus! packs. This will be fun to explore. Thanks.