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Torrent + Direct Kutools for Excel v21.00 Multilingual 32 & 64 bit


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Update: I tested the Keygen on fresh windows installation and it worked. Both this and the office tab keygens worked without crashing excel. I do not know what was wrong and causing all those crashes, since I have reinstalled everything I had, down to all of the updates.
All I can think of is that either some update messed it up, or it was office itself which got corrupted (maybe some registry file (s)). Either ways, when that happens, it's luck out. I didn't find any solution except for resinstalling windows.
Too early too little. I think I might have a pretty good idea what's happening. It wasn't an update. Or anything with windows. It's something the keygen needs to work with office. Afraid, I can't get into it more than this but something that "dism /online /Cleanup-Image /StartComponentCleanup" and "dism /online /Cleanup-Image /StartComponentCleanup /ResetBase" removed. Swear excel wouldn't crash with the license helper before I did that, I tested everything before having run that.
I use those commands to clean up the winsxs folder and trim my C drive after most updates. But I thought that was supposed to remove the remnant files of the updates. Damn, I need to test some more and see what it's removing. Sheesh, unless someone else can and see what's happening.

Alright. I ended up finding the issue at least, in my case. Maybe it works in others cases too, having similar softwares to what I have. For me, it is hitman pro alert. It's preventing the execution from the patched file. Should have thought about it earlier.
Others, who might not have this software but having similar issue as mine, it could be something similar. A program or any other AV that checks the source execution of the files and prevents them from running.

Unfortunately, I could not find a solution which wouldn't have me to stop hitmanpro alert altogether. I tried disabling the mitigation, and everything else too. But no matter what, it wouldn't let the patched file to run. Office would just hang indefinitely. I had to either stop the hitman service, or just uninstall it altogether, either of which worked. I'd like the fellow members to perhaps look into it and look for a solution. Hopefully there's something that would let such a wonderful software to run simultaneously with the patched excel plugin. I would really hate to have to keep it disabled. @alaadinnawi @Mirkec @amir_tariq Calling onto you guys in hopes to find a solution. I tried everything, disabled everything I could find in hitman but the patched license would just not run and make kutools crash no matter what.

P.S might also want to delete my previous posts so as not to fill the thread with redundant posts.

Found the solution. Excluding works. Yay. Just disable and remove mitigations for excel/word first and then include them in the exclude option. Just disabling them didn't work, had to include those exe files in the exclude menu.


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It say's Microsoft Excel not installed even if I run as admin


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still works properly.
may i ask if there is a x64 version keygen?
current keygen is x86 architect.