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Direct EaseUS Partition Master v13.5 [Technician / Professional / Unlimited / Server] + WinPE


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8.5 GB
230.4 GB
Good Day Friend :) and let me tell you, you saved my computing life...literally. I copped this a few days ago and I really needed I did a bad bad :devil::devil: OOOPPPS! And now I'm recovering my partitions. I mistakenly clicked on something in a program that I had no business clicking on and yes, I kicked my own butt. Anyway and anyhow I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU and this share is so greatly appreciated that I feel like ripping my heart out and mailing it to you LOL. I desperately needed this share and you have brought my 'puter back from what I quickly assumed was death. I am very grateful to you for your generosity, and willingness to share and your skill and your hard work. Thank you heartfully, so very much, truly, honestly, sincerely, and genuinely. This chica, you helped, you saved, you solved problems for.
Okay gotta' mention this...and thanks for a COMPLETED RECOVERY THREAD I read. I must give an amazingly awesome shout out to the info given & the info I picked up & remained hopeful (because of). The COMPLETED RECOVERY thread, I believe was dated 9/14. Good info to know-good info to grow on & appreciate TEAMOS for the education. Word to the's worth it---investigating & researching this site to get some useful stuff, useful information, helpful knowledge, and useful education, MAN! Always thankful, always grateful to HAWKEYE & TEAMOS and just like any other time, much love and many kisses :*