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Driver the Easy Professional (Repack & Portable) - a program designed to find and easy to install drivers for audio devices, Bluetooth devices, motherboards, network, and Ethernet cards, modems, Wi-Fi, processors, graphics cards, scanners, printers, USB devices, actuators CD / DVD-ROM and other computer equipment. The program is suitable for both experienced PC user, and newcomers. Driver Easy allows you to search and install or update the drivers in one click, as well as to correct problems with the drivers when they contain (or because of them) errors or failures.
Compared with similar programs Driver Easy determines the installed equipment more accurately and precisely locates the drivers that are really necessary or need to be updated.

But do not forget that any program - it is just a tool in the hands of the user, and the user determines what action it would take on his computer and what are the consequences of these actions. To be sure that a specific driver is suitable for your product, the user must have an idea about the hardware installed your computer.
For information about the hardware installed, you can also view in Driver Easy to install the drivers.

Key features Driver the Easy Professional :

- scan your computer in one click
- downloading and installing drivers in one click (or selectively)
- Automatic creation of a system restore point before installing driver (optional)
- View information about the installed equipment
- autonomous scanning
- Scheduled Scan
- the creation of the backed up copy (backup) drivers and the possibility of their recovery
- removal of damaged drivers
- Remove Drivers already remote devices
- automatic restart after downloading and installing driver (optional)

Main advantages of the program:

A huge database of drivers
Driver Easy works with certified database drivers, in which more than 8 million drivers with daily updates, constantly updating all the drivers on your computer to ensure maximum performance of the computer. With Driver Easy you need not worry about installing an incorrect or outdated driver database Driver Easy ensures that you always get the latest official driver.

Keep the existing drivers are up to date, fixes problems with drivers
Using Driver Easy, you'll never have to spend hours trying to find drivers on random websites. With Driver Easy entire update process of searching for all of the drivers on your computer it takes only a few minutes. Driver Easy is designed to save you time and eliminate any problems with drivers.

Secure scanning autonomic
Driver Easy secures autonomous scanning for stand-alone computers. Driver Easy Driver saves the file analysis on a computer without an Internet connection and allows you to load the driver from the computer to the Internet-enabled. Autonomous scanning function provides you an easy and fast way to find the most appropriate network driver for your computer.

Backup and restore drivers
Backup and Restore in Driver Easy offers a professional solution for the backup and restore device drivers for Windows. It identifies all the hardware in the system, extracts their associated drivers from the hard disk and stores them in a safe place. Backing up your drivers is extremely useful and plays a vital role in any situation related to the loss of data. Meanwhile, this feature is advantageous when you are not sure whether a new driver is compatible with your system or not. You can always make a backup copy of the existing drivers and restore it later.

Deleting remote hardware drivers
When you are replacing a graphics card with a new, did you know that Windows continues to support the current driver, and it will run every time you start Windows. This will lead to the fact that the system will boot more slowly, and, what is worse, it can lead to conflicts system. Feature in Driver Easy Driver removal allows you to remove the driver and remote equipment to clean the system. – Release Date: 2020.02.18

* Switch all Driver Easy links from http to https
* Update copyright date to 2020

XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10

i. Unzip The Archive

ii. Read "Read" for installation instructions.

iii. Enjoy..

Driver Easy Pro 5.6.15.exe :

MD5 7774b91f0749845f4733c8c2002a305a
SHA-1 5d209aa2176e3bf8e0f1fc51b2565dc2d9273206
SHA-256 55e1f47981faf2883f0f6479a9fda16bf9bbf1ba1e848219f948532ada309d46

File Type: rar

File Size (mb) : 5.1

Activation: Self-Blooming | Repakc

credits: DrZero | elchupacabra



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Is this offline package or will need net to install if it is done on a new device where there is no net drivers?