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Freeleech Torrent Blizzard Universe Grand Collection V5


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A Grand Collection of Games, Books, Comics, Cinematics, Documentaries and Soundtracks. It includes a launcher, screenshots, music, poster, mods, maps, and much much more. Also, custom made covers for all the disks, if you want to keep them nice in a shelf.

Because of the huge size you can either download the whole collection or the disks individually. You can find a full changelog in the folder.

Disk 1 - Games
Warcraft: Orcs and Humans
Warcraft II: edition (with working Windows 10 crack created by me.)
Warcraft III: BattleChest
Warcraft Adventures Lord of the Clans
Starcraft: Edition
Starcraft Ghost Gameplay video and Cinematic.
Diablo Gold (with working Windows 10 crack created by me.)
Diablo II: Edition
The Lost Vikings
The Lost Vikings 2
Rock 'n Roll Racing

+ Mods and Maps, Manuals, Art and Hi-Resolution Posters.

Disk 2 - Starcraft 2 Trilogy

Disk 3 - Books, Comics and Soundtracks

Soundtracks from ALL Blizzard Games and Movies in .flac quality.

Book list:
Diablo Demonsbane
Diablo Legacy of Blood
Diablo The Black Road
Diablo The Kingdom of Shaodow
Diablo Moon of the Spider
Diablo The Sin War Trilogy
Diablo III Heroes Rise, Darkness Falls
Diablo III Storm of Light
Diablo III Morbed NEW!
Warcraft Of Blood and Honor
Warcraft Day of the Dragon
Warcraft Lord of the Clans
Warcraft The Last Guardian
Warcraft War of the Ancients Trilogy
World of Warcraft Cycle of Hatred
World of Warcraft Rise of the Horde
World of Warcraft Tides of Darkness
World of Warcraft Beyond the Dark Portal
World of Warcraft Night of the Dragon
World of Warcraft Arthas Rise of the Lich King
World of Warcraft Stormrage
World of Warcraft The Shattering
World of Warcraft Thrall Twilight of the Aspects
World of Warcraft Wolfheart
World of Warcraft Jaina Proudmoore Tides of War
World of Warcraft Dawn of the Aspects
World of Warcraft Vol'jin Shadows of the Horde
World of Warcraft War Crimes
World of Warcraft Illidan
Warcraft Durotan Movie Prequel
WarCraft The Official Movie Novelization. NEW!
Starcraft Hybrid
Starcraft Revelations
Starcraft Uprising
Starcraft Liberty's Crusade
Starcraft Shadow of the Xel'Naga
Starcraft The Speed of Darkness
Starcraft Ghost Nova
Starcraft Queen of Blades
Starcraft The Dark Templar Saga: Firstborne
Starcraft The Dark Templar Saga: Shadow Hunters
Starcraft The Dark Templar Saga: Twilight
Starcraft I' Mengsk
Starcraft Ghost Spectres
Starcraft Heaven's Devils
Starcraft Devi's Due
Starcraft Flashpoint
StarCraft Ascension. NEW!
+ 89 Short Stories.

Starcraft Comics:
Ghost Academy
Starcraft Comics
Kerrigan Hope and Vengeance
Artanis Sacrifice

Warcraft Comics:
World of Warcraft Comics
The Sunwell Trilogy
Death Knight
Shadow Wing
Curse of the Worgen NEW!
Warcraft Legends
Bonds of Brotherhood NEW!
Legion Comic
Bloodsworn NEW!
Pearl of Pandaria NEW!
Chronicle Volume I NEW!
Dark Riders NEW!

Diablo Comics
Tales of Sanctuary
Sword of Justice
Book of Cain

Disk 4 Cinematics and THE MOVIE (HD!)
Diablo 2 Cinematics
Warcraft 3 Cinematics
Starcraft Cinematics
Starcraft 2 + Heart of the Swarm Behind the Scenes
Diablo 3 + Reaper of Souls Behind the Scenes
World of Warcraft: Looking For Group Documentary
World of Warcraft Behind the Scenes
World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade Behind the Scenes
World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King Behind the Scenes
World of Warcraft Cataclysm Behind the Scenes
World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria Behind the Scenes
World of Warcraft Warlords of Draenor Behind the Scenes
World of Warcraft Legion Behind the Scenes
Warcraft The Movie
Warcraft The Movie Behind the Scenes
Hearthstone Behind the Scenes NEW!
Heroes of the Storm Behind the Scenes NEW!
Overwatch Behing the Scenes NEW!
Warcraft Adventures Lord of the Clans Behind the Scenes NEW!

Sincere Thanks to: SenFire "1337x"

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47.1 GB
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You are my new HERO LOL. Great job on this upload
Thanks I thought it looked awesome although quite large.. I'll try and keep it going and could use all the help I can get..
Althow i don't play games it must be very good since you post it my friend
Thanks Jimmy, I dont game either but hope that other that do will enjoy it


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Mac you are TRUE LEGEND! love my old Blizz titles!! Many Thanks :):):):):):):)

It's letting me grab the torrent file but I can't get it to start d.ling for some reason...weird hey
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Seeing how I have a bit of time to laze around with, these books you're sharing here @MacGyver will easily put away a few moments of my time. Fantastic share and wonderful effort. Thank you very much


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Nice and very big upload, thanks. Do I need some crack to play Starcraft 2 Trilogy?