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Direct Aquarium Desktop & Elements Packs 123


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The program comes with several fish included in the base package. Users can choose which fish to display on their desktop and even have multiple fish of the same breed.
As a result, user can have as many or few fish as they want swimming around in a realistic environment. It also comes with a host of different plants that, like the fish, have been rendered from 3D models for very lifelike animation and detail.
Aquarium Desktop also comes with multiple wallpapers, aquatic sound effects, and more.
The program is highly configurable. Plants can be re-sized, sound effects can be added or disabled. In addition, Aquarium Desktop is designed to be intelligent in its CPU usage.
If the fish are covered (for example when a window is maximized) the rendering goes into idle mode so that the fish don't slow down your computer. The graphics are also compressed in memory to minimize how much memory it's using.
This isn't a screen saver, it actually puts virtual fish and plants onto your desktop to swim around while you work!
"Kids will love this software, and it's a natural fit for shared family computers."

This is for earlier versions of windows, to use on win10, you can try to extract the files using "universal extractor" and then running the main file in compatibility mode for XP...
This worked for me once but then I had problems so good luck!
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:hi: I know I am being greedy, but I have to have this one too.
You all really spoil us rotten,
but hey, I will not complain, besides, I'm just a weak willed little lady.
Believe me? Well if you do there is a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you.;):p

But seriously thank you, Shiminok this is appreciated. :hi::)