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Freeleech Ansys Products V19.1

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Next-Generation Pervasive Engineering Simulation:
As the digital and physical worlds become one, products are growing in complexity. Companies are facing unrelenting pressure to innovate, lower cycle times and reduce costs, while also increasing quality and eliminating risk. They’re asking engineers to solve problems that appear unsolvable with current technology.

ANSYS 19 empowers all engineers to tame complexity and enhance efficiency for greater productivity. Our latest release updates our industry-leading engineering simulation solutions and offers tools that improve reliability, performance, speed and user experience. New capabilities deliver accurate results for problems that were once difficult or impossible to model. Users with little or no simulation experience can quickly employ the simplified, automated workflows to optimize their product designs. These are just some of the many features that will continue to propel Pervasive Engineering Simulation forward.

3D Design:
ANSYS 19 offers ANSYS Discovery, the new 3D Design family of products that includes ANSYS Discovery Live — the first-ever, real-time simulation environment. These products are architected to empower all engineers to explore their designs and concepts in greater depth and with greater confidence, before validation through flagship solvers. The rapid CAD modeling capabilities of ANSYS Discovery SpaceClaim are now enhanced with assembly configurations and associative exploded views. ANSYS Discovery AIM builds upon topology optimization so users can see the live progression of solving steps and make faster, better informed decisions. And finally, Discovery Live expands the types of boundary condition inputs and displays users have at their disposal, while maintaining the simplicity of the real-time simulation environment.

ANSYS 19 gives users robust capabilities for designing wireless, autonomous and electrification technologies. New features include radar cross section analysis, integrated electro-thermal analysis, an innovative electric machine design kit and an enhanced user experience with all electromagnetic field simulation tools. ANSYS 19 also offers an accurate, automated, easy-to-use, multiphysics and multi-technology- based work, which will spur your engineering innovation to surpass your competition.

Embedded Software:
ANSYS 19 delivers powerful capabilities for workflow integration, performance and usability, plus fully certified embedded software and human machine interface (HMI) design capabilities, and dedicated solutions for automotive and avionics systems and software. New features include multi-rate applications design capabilities, enhanced HMI design capabilities that comply with ARINC 661 and are qualifiable for ISO 26262 and DO-178C. For avionics systems and automotive developers, release 19 incorporates architecture analysis and design language model-based system design.

With ANSYS 19, every engineer can create better, more accurate computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations. Engineers will benefit greatly from continuing improvements in automation, productivity and workflows. In addition, ANSYS 19 includes new features and functionality that enable engineers to solve CFD problems with more accuracy than ever before, especially for phenomena that were too difficult or time-consuming to simulate using previous methods. ANSYS 19 also introduces ANSYS Chemkin Enterprise for fast, accurate combustion and reacting flow simulation in a single license

Next-generation automotive, mobile and high-performance computing applications demand the use of advanced systems on chip that are bigger, faster and more complex. ANSYS 19 delivers a comprehensive, big data-enabled simulation platform that simultaneously solves for various design attributes such as power noise, thermal properties, reliability and performance across the spectrum of chip, package and system to accelerate your product success.

ANSYS Mechanical is now more powerful with enhancements to boost productivity for engineers in all industries and all levels. Users performing structural analysis with ANSYS 19 can access faster solvers and benefit from increased availability of high performance computing cores with ANSYS Mechanical Pro, ANSYS Mechanical Premium and ANSYS Mechanical Enterprise licenses. Learn more about Mechanical’s improved user experience and advanced functionality, including the new fracture analysis capability.

ANSYS 19 delivers powerful capabilities in two important areas: systems simulation for battery management design and deployment, and functional safety analysis for all safety-critical industries. We’ve included enhanced features and capabilities in ANSYS 19 so that you can easily model the entire design of a battery management system, from the 3D physics to the embedded software. With ANSYS Simplorer, you can also simulate and test the entire system. ANSYS 19 expands functional safety analysis across industries. You can now utilize ANSYS medini analyze for applications outside of automotive, including aerospace and defense, rail, nuclear and other safety-critical industries by profiles. These profiles are used to adapt to specific industry safety standards.

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