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  1. arnitr14

    Locked Help - Suggest me best Torrent Client Please!

    I would like to know about which torrent client is best for download & seeding? Utorrent or QbitTorrent or Tixati ? Can you share with me the best configuration for both download & seeding? Thanks...
  2. juanamm

    Effects Plugins Missing in Adobe Audition? [Tip - Solution]

    Have you reinstalled Adobe Audition, or did you have it full and when the patch is deactivated have all your plugin effects disappeared with their corresponding settings? It is frustrating right? Having to do all the work again .... I have found a very simple solution to support all your Adobe...
  3. Bernadi7

    Problem With Acer Aspire D250-0bk

    Hello guys a friend of mine gave me a acer aspire d250-0bk and i facing a problem when i connect the charger it open the orange light donw left ( with the battery connected ) i try to turn it off but it doesn't. When i connect the charger without battery again it doesn't turn on.I search on...
  4. Rishu4544

    How To Change Dpi Scaling Size For Displays In Windows 8.1

    Hello Team Member .. Can anyone explain or suggest that, How to get 1920x1080 resolution on 1366x768 Screen. I have Dell Inspiron 5000 Series that has 1366x768 max resolution, but is there any way to put it's resolution to 1920x1080? If anyone Please ... Thanks.. Regard Teamos