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  1. dionecarlos

    Locked problem by installing languages on windows 7 pro ROG RAMPAGE iso on the site

    The ISO that is here on the Windows 7 ROG RAMPAGE site does not support other languages other than the native English could anyone fix or does anyone know how to solve? I tried to install the language I need by vistalizator and dism ++ both error someone helps me
  2. Dav13

    (help) We Couldn't Create A New Partition Or Locate An Existing One.

    I tried to instal W10 x64 and i got this " We couldn't create a new partition or locate an existing one." Can someone help me with this problem? because i've tried diskpart as most of the forum suggested and it can't solve my problem. It also happen to all of the computer in my office lately.
  3. A

    Help With Uac Notification On Windows 10

    Hello, whenever i try to change my sound devices, and other Windows 10 features, i get an UAC notification it's very annoying, the only way i can get rid of it is by turning off the UAC, but this puts my device on risk. can anyone help me please?
  4. Bernadi7

    Problem With Acer Aspire D250-0bk

    Hello guys a friend of mine gave me a acer aspire d250-0bk and i facing a problem when i connect the charger it open the orange light donw left ( with the battery connected ) i try to turn it off but it doesn't. When i connect the charger without battery again it doesn't turn on.I search on...
  5. K

    Torrents Not Seeding

    Greetings! I have a serious problem with uploading any torrent. I follow all the rules and process accuretaly every time but my torrent is not seeding it shows RED color instead of Green that I don't know why... I uploaded previous torrents but this time never face an issue like this one. It...
  6. D

    Windows 10 Error

    Hello ! A few days ago , I was using my camputer normaly then it shutdown and didn't want to restart. So , when I press the power button, the pc starts until it reaches the Windows logo and it says '' Preparing automatic repair '' and it keeps rebooting with the same message. I've tried to...
  7. Bernadi7

    Question About Website Mining

    Hello guys lots of site use your computer/laptop for mining i try some addons/malware bytes but it never stop is there any way to stop it ?
  8. TonyStark

    Third Party Themes In Windows 8.1

    Hello Guys Am using Winodws 8.1 Pro x64 If i try to use Third Party themes the icons are not changed according to theme it shows still default icons for Third Party Themes Patched Properly with UX Theme Pathcer 3.3.2 Anyone give a solution to my prob Am using This theme...
  9. Srujith

    Front Usb Port Not Working

    My pc.. cpu 's front usb port is not working while connecting data cable.. pendrives are working but when i connect data cable it shows unspecified device... No problem with back port.. plz help
  10. DantedemonG

    Usb Ports Are Not Working..

    Dear Experts I am Installed Windows 7 Ultimate From Here : Before i am installed , i have Windows 10 home premium and i am change the os as Windows 7 ultimate and then it was...
  11. DantedemonG

    Please Help Me To Solve This Problem...::(

    1..Guys Guys My system has 8gb ram and 1tb hard disk on last month my system was infected with cerber ransomware (.cerber3). and i am deleted a lot of files but some are most important documents on system..This is main huge problem in my life is there any solution to solve my problem...... 2...