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oracle virtualbox

  1. hamtchi1925

    Direct VirtualBox v6.0.6 Build 130049 + Extension Pack

    (–`·._.·[ VirtualBox 6.0.6 ]·._.·´–) VirtualBox is a virtualizer that extends the capabilities of your existing computer so that it can run multiple operating systems in virtual machines at the same time. Targeted at server, desktop, and embedded use, it is now the only...
  2. icloudsr

    Locked Oracle VM VirtualBox 6.0.4 - 128413 with Extension Pack (Win-x64) - TeamOS

    Install and run multiple operating systems as virtual machines and tweak advanced features, such as shared folders, seamless windows, and 3D virtualization Whether you are a professional software tester or you simply like to evaluate a large array of apps before choosing the one that best suits...
  3. Neo..

    Direct Virtualbox 5.2.20 Build 125813 + Extension Pack

    VirtualBox VirtualBox is a cross-platform virtualization application. What does that mean? For one thing, it installs on your existing Intel or AMD-based computers, whether they are running Windows, Mac, Linux or Solaris operating systems. Secondly, it extends the capabilities of your existing...