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  1. Tesla

    How To Bypass Sophos Safeguard Logon

    Laptop LeNovo T450. Hi, purchased a laptop from my old company. The laptop is password protected. Can't login into the windows. Can't format it either because windows is protected by "Sophos safeguard logon". Need a way to bypass this safeguard so that I can format windows. Any leads will be...
  2. Bernadi7

    Problem With Acer Aspire D250-0bk

    Hello guys a friend of mine gave me a acer aspire d250-0bk and i facing a problem when i connect the charger it open the orange light donw left ( with the battery connected ) i try to turn it off but it doesn't. When i connect the charger without battery again it doesn't turn on.I search on...
  3. J

    Make Laptop The Usb Boot

    so i have just tried to buy usbs with 16gb but they dont work that well so im asking is if i can make my laptop as a boot so i want to install windows on my "pc" and i have no usbs or cds and i want to boot my pc of my laptop. like what im thinking is to download the ios on laptop and then make...
  4. O

    Best Low Profile Windows Os For 2gb Ram Laptop

    Hi! My fiance bought a laptop last year, the lenovo ideapad 100 15" model. It's Intel Celeron APU with 2GB of RAM. But she just began using the laptop frequently around last month but the thing is it's really SLOW! As in the RAM usage is unbelievable. Like after booting up, the ram usage is...