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  1. Bernadi7

    Problem With Acer Aspire D250-0bk

    Hello guys a friend of mine gave me a acer aspire d250-0bk and i facing a problem when i connect the charger it open the orange light donw left ( with the battery connected ) i try to turn it off but it doesn't. When i connect the charger without battery again it doesn't turn on.I search on...
  2. D

    Error While Trying To Install Windows 10

    Hi ! I've tried to install windows 10 many times , but always there is a problem . Sometimes the Pc dosn't even Boot and sometimes I get a Recovery message (As you can see in the picture) I've tried to install the windows 10 from Mircosoft tool and also I've tried to download it from Team-os ...
  3. T

    Oem Activation + Theme Help

    I was hoping I can get some assistance with refreshing my favorite W10 installer. All the newest W10 torrrents from gen2 have been missing this activation option and I would really appreciate some help making one myself. here is the screenshot of my favorite release. For the life of me I...
  4. DantedemonG

    Restorator 2007 Was Saving The Mounted Wim

    Hello Experts i am Building Customized windows iso ... i am doing like this .....! 1.i am downloaded the Restorator 2007 and installed it 2. i am mounted the boot.wim and i am mounted with this Command " imagex /mountrw F:\W7\DVD\sources\boot.wim 2 F:\W7\Mount" 3. and it was mounted to Mount...
  5. tarang

    Elevate Premium Apk Needed !

    I was looking for the Elevate Premium Version... If you have please share !! Thanks
  6. tarang

    Looking For The Best Music Production Software

    Hi guys good morning! I'm looking for a music production software apart from the magix music maker [already using glitchy] please provide link as well and with addons
  7. tarang

    [suggest] Looking For Windows 10 O.s For Gaming And Editing

    Hi all, I'm looking for Win10 O.S for Gaming,Livestreaming and Video Editing purposes.. As there are many types of this o.s are available, i'm confused on which to choose... Please help me selecting the perfect version according to my need!!! Thanks
  8. DantedemonG

    Please Help Me To Solve This Problem...::(

    1..Guys Guys My system has 8gb ram and 1tb hard disk on last month my system was infected with cerber ransomware (.cerber3). and i am deleted a lot of files but some are most important documents on system..This is main huge problem in my life is there any solution to solve my problem...... 2...
  9. DantedemonG

    What Is Adgaurd..?

    Hollow friends i have question . i am see many windows iso fie's on last word as BY ADGAURD. What is it mean's...?