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  1. apbgd

    Completed About windows keyboard lang support

    Hello, i use one of mpb build, and is just perfect, have one small problem with the keyboard(as you know these builds not support multi language keyboard), i want to write in a second lang that have special characters, tried to remap with microsoft keyboard layout creator but is doing nothing at...
  2. J

    Locked CONFUSE

    Do i have to uninstall the trial MSOFFICE and download a new one then activate? Im not sayng that i would like to be spoonfeed but honestly idk wre to start..
  3. J


    Hi guys, i hope you would take time to read this, im in a desperate situation ryt now. Today i bought a Laptop “DELL INSPIRON 15 i7.” for my online classes, however the MS OFFICE is not installed to my device because they said that i have to pay 2,800php to have a license MsOffice. They only put...
  4. R

    Locked Problem in my Computer MacBook Pro

    I have problems with a MacBook Pro laptop, which does not recognize the hard drive on the disk bus, and if it does it works super slow, which even prevents installation. But, if I use a portable memory (USB) it works very well, the same happens if I connect a portable disk to a USB output port...
  5. Rishu4544

    Locked Office Activation Problem

    Recently I installed M.S.Office 1911 (built 12228.20364). after installation It's not Activated. Tried - Office RETAIL >= VL button - "Not activated" KMSAuto - "Activation failed with exception code 0xc004F074" Office Tool Plus - ERROR CODE: 0x8007007B still show this error...
  6. Ronaldo99

    Direct Windows Help & Advice | Christmas 2019

    Windows Help & Advice | Christmas 2019 English | 92 pages | True PDF | 29.25 MB Download
  7. Ronaldo99

    Direct Windows Help & Advice - December 2019

    Windows Help & Advice - December 2019 English | 92 pages | True PDF | 35 MB Download
  8. Ronaldo99

    Direct Windows Help & Advice - November 2019

    Windows Help & Advice - November 2019 English | 92 pages | True PDF | 30.65 MB Download
  9. W

    Locked Pls help me, i delete the profile list at my regedit..

    help me pls
  10. Ronaldo99

    Direct Windows Help & Advice - October 2019

    Windows Help & Advice - October 2019 English | 92 pages | True PDF | 35 MB Download
  11. Ronaldo99

    Direct Windows Help & Advice - September 2019

    Windows Help & Advice - September 2019 English | 92 pages | PDF | 49.3 MB Download
  12. Ronaldo99

    Direct Windows Help & Advice - August 2019

    Windows Help & Advice - August 2019 English | 92 pages | True PDF | 33 MB Download
  13. Ronaldo99

    Direct Windows Help & Advice - July 2019

    Windows Help & Advice - July 2019 English | 92 pages | True PDF | 36.12 MB Download
  14. Ronaldo99

    Direct Windows Help & Advice - May 2019

    Windows Help & Advice - May 2019 English | 94 pages | True PDF | 37.6 MB Download
  15. C

    Account issues

    I am having problems accessing your site. Seems you are blacklisted by most public wifi providers. I am forced to use other means to get here and no torrenting works anywhere I use internet. I plan on getting a VPN to access everything and torrent things I need. BUT, your policy of one IP...
  16. Rishu4544

    Torrent not Seeding

    Hello Members Please HELP, I Have downloading windows as you can see in pic after complete, it's not seeding or very slow. my ratio get down, any solution or what ?? :cry::cry: i want my seeding up and higher faster ... help me thanks
  17. F

    Windows Need

    Hey , I need a windows for intel 2 core e4500 and nvidia gt8600 4gb ram , i need performance in csgo on low settings.
  18. Marasha

    Re-Enable Search fuction in Win 10

    Greetings, Some time ago, I downloaded a Win 10 OS that had a bunch of bloatware removed including the search fuction of the taskbar. I would like to re-enable it if possible cause it has been a pain not to be able to use it. Tried a bunch of possible solutions I found on Google, but none...
  19. G

    Dragon Professional Individual

    As the title states, need the software for my transcription work. Please help me this software or any other software like it. Thank you. :) nevermind, found it in the site ? Thank you Team OS ?
  20. E

    Windows Vista Sp2 To Windows 7

    Hi guys I'm a new member here I would like to ask how to fix my problem I upgrade my windows xp and it turns successful but when I'm trying to upgrade it to windows 7 it giving me a blue color error containing IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL all the time the installation process is block and won't...