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Direct Windows Xp Sp3 [windows 10 Style] Ghost Including Softwares

luu thien hao

Registered User
14.8 GB
5 GB

-Is made of win xp sp3 final iso file to end upate suppor + Sata Driver .

-Windows Was active .

No soft slab is no longer optimal editing or soft full version has been tweaked and optimized offline.

Content- tweak

+ Optimization service.

+ Optimize regedit .

+ Speed up startup and shutdown in regedit .

+ Turn off system restore + pagefile .

+ Off Update.

The soft has been set at the full soft
-Adobe 6/2016 (Air+Activex+NPPI+PPNAI+Shochware)

-Fire Fox và Coc Coc

- CCleaner Pro 5.18 - active.

- Defraggler 2.21 - active.

-IDM 6.25 built 20-active.

-Office 2003 read all the files from another office and the office has a standard base

-Java 8 ver 21.

-K lite Codec.

-Microsoft .Net Framawork 4 .

-Microsoft Visiual C++ 2005-2013 .

-Directx 9.0c .

- SumatraPDF 3.1.1

- Ultra ISO 6.5 đã active.

-Winrar 5.4 + Unikey 4.

-Norton ghost 11.5


No Soft

Full Soft

What New
-used Fix existing bugs and wifi network icon slow compared to previous releases .

Optimal- win faster than the previous version ( the original front was not optimal ) .

-used To make windows look nicer with 10 modern win .

-No BSOD including newer machines as full integrated driver and sata drivers .

Link Dowload

No Soft
File name
Size 1.37GB



F7B86B3B - 909F3E4F - E586D2AD - C5B33AAB

Full Soft

File name
Size 1.71GB


6EDE9408 - 44D9206A - D73823F6 - BBB6F760

-Check Md5 carefully before ghost if wrong then delete and re-download the file .
-Get Links with linksieutoc , linksvip , linktocdo , vnzleech .
-Each Week for garbage 30p to fix errors by cclener reg file and defragment in defreggler to windows machines always at the peak .
-Some Software or tool will not run Activated on XP because not install the latest .net framework .
-Mark Whether soft or no soft full you can play games smoothly offline.
-Finally Someone like, like , share and helpful then specify the source of crime who do win and writing . Error or questions post pictures and discussed below .

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