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Torrent + Direct Windows Xp Professional Vl With Sp3 X86 English August 2018

15.5 GB
451.7 GB
Yet again, copy cats steal someone's work with no proper credits.

The iso file is again smaller than mine, because, obviously, this guy deleted the $OEM$ folder(he's afraid there might be "credits" in that folder, buh doesn't have the brains to check the contents of that folder) which actually contains the "Visual C++ runtimes".
Other than the copy-pasted description and the deleted $OEM$ folder, no one can tell you what has been done to the image.
As I said before, MY work on Windows XP is uploaded on TeamOS ONLY! Download it from anywhere else and you're on your own!

LOL how cute is this: https://lookimg.com/images/2019/03/25/lzANW.png
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