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Torrent Windows Pure 10 Pro (x64) -=TeamOS=-


Windows Modifier
51.7 GB
13.1 TB

The new build just came in the house. Nothing spectacular has been removed from this version, except Microsoft "sweets," so it can be used entirely for business and gaming purposes! For more information about done modifications, read the full content below!

Release information:
Windows 10 PRO 19H1;
Program Version: 1903 (OS Build 18362.356);
Compression: WIM, LZX;
Architecture: 64-bit;
Size: 3.55 GB;
Author builds: TeamOS;
Language: English-US;
Treatment no needed - The build is permanently activated;

Updates integrated:
  • Update for Microsoft Windows (KB4515384);
  • Security Update for Adobe Flash Player;
  • Update for Microsoft Windows (KB4514359);
  • Security Update for Microsoft Windows (KB4515383);
  • Security Update for Microsoft Windows (KB4497727).

  • 7-zip version 19.02 alpha with the Onebit skin;
  • Rainbow Cursors pack;
  • StartIsBack++ version 2.8.9;
  • TranslucentTB version;
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5;
  • Microsoft DirectX 9.0c;
  • Windows 32Calc (Windows 7 Calculator);
  • Windows Photo Viewer;
  • 05 Wallpapers;
  • Extras folder.

All Appx Provisioned Packages and Metro-apps removed except MS Store and XBox components:
  • Microsoft.BingWeather;
  • Microsoft.GetHelp;
  • Microsoft.Getstarted;
  • Microsoft.Messaging;
  • Microsoft.Microsoft3DViewer;
  • Microsoft.MicrosoftOfficeHub;
  • Microsoft.MicrosoftSolitaireCollection;
  • Microsoft.MicrosoftStickyNotes;
  • Microsoft.MixedReality.Portal;
  • Microsoft.MSPaint;
  • Microsoft.Office.OneNote;
  • Microsoft.OneConnect;
  • Microsoft.People;
  • Microsoft.Print3D;
  • Microsoft.ScreenSketch;
  • Microsoft.SkypeApp;
  • Microsoft.Wallet;
  • Microsoft.Windows.Photos;
  • Microsoft.WindowsAlarms;
  • Microsoft.WindowsCalculator;
  • Microsoft.WindowsCamera;
  • microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps;
  • Microsoft.WindowsFeedbackHub;
  • Microsoft.WindowsMaps;
  • Microsoft.WindowsSoundRecorder;
  • Microsoft.YourPhone;
  • Microsoft.ZuneMusic;
  • Microsoft.ZuneVideo.

System Applications:
  • 1527c705-839a-4832-9118-54d4Bd6a0c89 (Microsoft.Windows.FilePicker);
  • c5e2524a-ea46-4f67-841f-6a9465d9d515 (Microsoft.Windows.FileExplorer);
  • E2A4F912-2574-4A75-9BB0-0D023378592B (Microsoft.Windows.AppResolverUX);
  • F46D4000-FD22-4DB4-AC8E-4E1DDDE828FE (Microsoft.Windows.AddSuggestedFoldersToLibraryDialog);
  • Microsoft.AAD.BrokerPlugin;
  • Microsoft.BioEnrollment;
  • Microsoft.ECApp;
  • Microsoft.LockApp;
  • Microsoft.MicrosoftEdgeDevToolsClient;
  • Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge;
  • Microsoft.PPIProjection;
  • Microsoft.Windows.AssignedAccessLockApp;
  • Microsoft.Windows.CallingShellApp;
  • Microsoft.Windows.Cortana;
  • Microsoft.Windows.NarratorQuickStart;
  • Microsoft.Windows.PeopleExperienceHost;
  • Microsoft.Windows.SecHealthUI (Windows Defender);
  • Microsoft.Windows.SecureAssessmentBrowser;
  • Microsoft.Windows.XGpuEjectDialog;
  • Windows.CBSPreview.

Capability Packages:
  • App.Support.QuickAssist;
  • Browser.InternetExplorer;
  • Hello.Face.18330;
  • Hello.Face.Migration.18330;
  • OneCoreUAP.OneSync;
  • OpenSSH.Client.

Tweaks applied:
  • All Windows Defender Services, Drivers and SmartScreen Integration disabled;
  • Windows-Defender-Default-Definitions disabled;
  • Windows Defender Remnants removed;
  • Cortana and Search Bar Web Connectivity disabled;
  • System Telemetry, Data Collecting and Advertisements disabled;
  • Windows Tracking disabled;
  • System Location Sensors disabled;
  • Cross-Device Sharing and Shared Experiences disabled;
  • Windows Maps App Service disabled;
  • Optimizations of the Offline Registry Hives;
  • Custom App Associations with Windows Media Player and Windows Photo Viewer;
  • Meltdown protection disabled;
  • Spectre protection is disabled;
  • Subscribed Content Delivery and Live Tiles disabled;
  • Microsoft Toast and Lockscreen Notifications disabled;
  • Connected Drive Autoplay and Autorun disabled;
  • Automatic Download File Blocking disabled;
  • Modern UI Swap File disabled;
  • Reserved Storage disabled;
  • Bloatware registry keys from Windows.BackgroundTasks, Windows.Launch, Windows.PreinstalledConfigTask, Windows.Protocol and Windows.ShareTarget is removed:
    • EclipseManager;
    • ActiproSoftwareLLC;
    • Microsoft.PPIProjection;
    • Microsoft.XboxGameCallableUI.
  • Registry key to prevent bloatware apps from returning added;
  • Automatic Driver Updates through Windows Update disabled - WINDOWS UPGRADES ARE COMPLETELY FUNCTIONAL;
  • Automatic Downloading and Installing 3rd Party Apps disabled;
  • Automatic Windows Upgrade disabled - WINDOWS UPGRADES ARE COMPLETELY FUNCTIONAL;
  • Strong Cryptography for .NET Applications enabled;
  • Privacy Tweaks;
  • Performance Boost Tweaks;
  • ... and much, much more.

  • Windows activation - thanks to WindowsAddict;
  • Registry Tweaks.

1. Use attached Rufus USB-tool to make bootable USB (highly recommended); OR
2. Burn to DVD-R at lower speed;
3. I hope users will enjoy this release!

Virus free! No virus signature! 100% clean!

Check Sums:
File name: Pure.10.Pro.EN-US.x64.iso
Size: 3820275712 bytes (3643 MiB)
Format: Bootable ISO (both BIOS Legacy and UEFI BOOT Compatibility);
CRC32: 7937954F
CRC64: FAA40056FFDB176D
SHA256: 03B075AA17EB0EE5312CBB151E4B7B0AA60FCECF86B07926A19317B05724EEDA
SHA1: 0809EE24A47E51F43E152A2F28A3BED645557626
BLAKE2sp: 33F8FF1ABA7FCCA0B771766AA37CB28E543CB92CF8A384F2AB4C9019C36707F3

Kind regards,
in collaboration with TeamOS ;)
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Windows Modifier
51.7 GB
13.1 TB


Windows Modifier
51.7 GB
13.1 TB
once the download is finished, rename the file to .iso otherwise it is not recognized by rufus, a small typing error
That is strange. I am not sure why is that happened on your side but I named files with .iso extension (see below). Also if you click on the File tab beneath the torrent file in the main thread you will see the same... Maybe you need to check option to see File name extensions. I do not know...