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Torrent Windows 7 Ultimate V2 Sp1 x64 (Multilanguage) [USB3.0] Modded

By Nicky

Power User
205.9 GB
1.1 TB
Very thanks Hawkeye for Nice cover

General Info:

Name :- windows_7_ultimate_sp1_USB3_Nicky_Rain
Architecture :-x64
Size:- 5.56gb
Languages :- Arabic , French , German , Spanish , Crotian , Russian , English , Ukranian , Dutch , Denish ,
Activation:- on Destock
Updates:- Included all new updates of January 2019
Author :- Nicky-Rain

Changes in version 19.1.12:

Added KB4487345-x86-x64
Added KB4480063-x86-x64 (replaces KB4040980-x86-x64 and KB4470641-x86-x64)
Added KB4480970-x86-x64 with telemetry shutdown and processor verification (replaces KB4471318-x86-x64)

Note:- integrated Dotnet 4.7.2 and direct x no need to install it again

Integrated Updates:

KB917607 KB982018v3 KB2479943 KB2491683 KB2506014 KB2506212 KB2506928v2 KB2533552
KB2545698 KB2547666 KB2552343 KB2560656 KB2563227 KB2564958 KB2574819v2 KB2579686
KB2592687 KB2603229 KB2604115 KB2620704 KB2621440 KB2631813 KB2640148v2 KB2647753v4
KB2654428 KB2660075 KB2667402v2 KB2670838 KB2685811 KB2685813 KB2690533 KB2698365
KB2705219v2 KB2716513 KB2719033 KB2719857 KB2726535 KB2727528 KB2729094v2 KB2732059v5
KB2732487v2 KB2736422 KB2742599 KB2750841 KB2761217 KB2763523 KB2770660 KB2773072
KB2786081 KB2791765 KB2799926 KB2800095v2 KB2807986 KB2808679 KB2813347 KB2813430
KB2818604 KB2830477 KB2834140v2 KB2840631 KB2843630v3 KB2847927 KB2852386 KB2853952
KB2857650 KB2861698 KB2862330v2 KB2862335 KB2864202 KB2868038 KB2871997v2 KB2882822
KB2884256 KB2891804 KB2893294 KB2893519 KB2894844 KB2900986 KB2908783 KB2911501
KB2912390 KB2918077 KB2919469 KB2920188v7 KB2923545 KB2931356 KB2937610 KB2943357
KB2966583 KB2968294 KB2970228 KB2972100 KB2972211 KB2973201 KB2977292 KB2978120
KB2978742 KB2984972 KB2985461 KB2991963 KB2992611 KB3000483 KB3004375v3 KB3006121
KB3006137 KB3010788 KB3011780 KB3013531v2 KB3020370 KB3020388 KB3020393 KB3021674
KB3023215 KB3030377 KB3035126 KB3037574 KB3042058 KB3045685 KB3046017 KB3046269
KB3054476 KB3055642 KB3059317 KB3060716 KB3064209 KB3067903 KB3071756 KB3072305
KB3074543 KB3075226 KB3078667 KB3086255 KB3093513 KB3097989 KB3102429v2 KB3107998
KB3108371 KB3108664 KB3109103 KB3109560 KB3110329 KB3126587 KB3127220 KB3137061
KB3138378 KB3138612 KB3138910 KB3139398 KB3139914 KB3140245 KB3147071 KB3150220
KB3156016 KB3159398 KB3161102 KB3161949 KB3177467v2 KB3179573 KB3184143 KB4019990
KB4040966 KB4054998 KB4480063 Internet Explorer 11 UpdRoots IEHyphenationen IESpellingen KB4480970

Integrated Drivers USB 3.0 (Install.wim & Boot.wim)

Alpine Ridge USB
Asmedia USB
Etron Technology USB
Fresco Logic USB
Intel AHCI
Intel Chipset
Intel DPTF
Intel IO
Intel MEI
Intel NVMe
Intel USB
Micron NVMe
OCZ Toshiba NVMe
Plextor NVMe
Renesas Electronics USB
Samsung NVMe

Check Sums:

Name: windows_7_ultimate_sp1_USB3_Nicky_Rain.iso
Date: 14-02-2019
Size: 5.56 GB

Disabled services:
  • Remote Registry
  • Windows error registration service
  • Compatibility of applications
  • Diagnostic Policy Service
  • Tablet PC Entry Service
  • Indexing Service
  • Superfetch
  • Crash Control
  • Sample of media
  • Parental control
  • Icons on the desktop, user folder and computer.
  • Display file extensions.
  • Large icons in the control panel.
  • Disabled auto updates Internet Explorer 11.
  • Disabled Windows update disabled.
  • Disabled hibernation.
  • The paging file is fixed from 2-4 GB (the file itself takes 2 GB)
  • Disabled off drive disabled
  • Disabled UAC
  • Optimized system boot.
Removed the following tasks:
  • Customer Experience Improvement Program
  • Diagnosis
  • Application experience
  • Media Center
  • MemoryDiagnostic
  • Power Efficiency Diagnostics
  • Windows Error Reporting
  • Windows defender
  • SmartScreen
  • Biometrie
  • Telemetrie
  • log preinstall
  • Tips (Getting Started)
Right click

  • Add_Copy_To_Folder_to_context_menu
  • Add_Disk_Cleanup_to_Drive_Context_Menu
  • Add_Extract_All_to_MSI_Context_Menu
  • Add_Move_To_Folder_to_context_menu
  • Add_Open_Command_Window_Here_as_Administrator
  • Add_Power_to_Desktop_Context_Menu
  • Add_Select_all
  • Add_System_Tools_to_Desktop_Context_Menu
  • Add_Take_Ownership_to_context_menu

Logs Preinstall:
  • theme patcher
  • aio runtime

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