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VIP Windows 7 Blue Gamer Edition X64 2015 Pre-unlocked

The Rain

Windows updater and modifier
Super Admin
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252.4 TB

Name :- Windows 7 Blue Gamer Edition 2015
Based On :- Windows 7 Ultimate Sp1 july 2015
Architect :- x64
Language :- English only
Activation :- Pre-unlocked no need activation

Note :- if Activation fail then use daz loader which already available in ISO

Base :- Build for Performace and Gaming
size :- 5.58Gb
Author :- TEAM OS

Installed Apps :-

Direct X 11 latest version
Java 8.51
Adobe Flash Player 18
Adobe Air
Silver light
Winrar 5.20
Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 RC Redistributable (x64) - 14.0.22816
dotnet 4.5.2 + its updates
Dart Integrated in Boot.wim
USB3.0 Integrated in boot.wim

NO Extra Software

Deleted Components

Australia Local Pack
Canada Local Pack
Delete 'Support' folder
Delete 'Upgrade' folder
Great Britain Local Pack
Local Printing
Microsoft XPS Document Writer
New Zealand Local Pack
Print and Document Services
Printer Drivers
Printing Premium Tools Collection
Scan Management
United States Local Pack
Windows Anytime Upgrade
Windows Gadget Platform
XPS Viewer

Disabled Services

Application Management::Disabled
Bluetooth Support::Disabled
Branch Cache::Disabled
Certificate Propagation::Disabled
Distributed Link Tracking Client::Disabled
IP Helper::Disabled
LPD Service::Disabled
Media Center Extender::Disabled
Net.Msmq Listener Adapter::Disabled
Net.Pipe Listener Adapter::Disabled
Net.Tcp Listener Adapter::Disabled
Net.Tcp Port Sharing::Disabled
Network Access Protection Agent::Disabled
Offline Files::Disabled
Parental Controls::Disabled
Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator::Disabled
Remote Registry::Disabled
Routing and Remote Access::Disabled
Smart Card::Disabled
Smart Card Removal Policy::Disabled
SNMP Trap::Disabled
Windows Connect Now - Config Registrar::Disabled
Windows Media Player Network Sharing::Disabled
Windows Process Activation::Disabled
Windows Search::Disabled


Add 'Admin Tools' to Desktop context-menu
Add 'All Tasks' to Desktop context-menu
Add 'Copy To Folder' to context-menu
Add 'Defragment' to Desktop context-menu
Add 'Manage' to Desktop context-menu
Add 'Move To Folder' to context-menu
Add 'Open CMD here' to Folder Context-menu
Add 'Open Elevated CMD here' to Folder context-menu
Add 'Programs & Features' to desktop context-menu
Add 'Services' to Desktop context-menu
Add 'Task Manager' to desktop context-menu
Add 'Unpack' to *.msi context menu
Remove 'Add to WMP list' from Audio context-menu
Remove 'Print' from context-menu
Add 'Register' and 'Unregister' to *.dll, *.ocx and *.ax Context Menu
500ms Delay Aero Peek
Desktop Icon Size::32 (Default)
Remove the Action Center icon
Show 'Computer' on Desktop
Show 'Control Panel' on Desktop
Show 'Network' on Desktop
Show User Folder on Desktop
Small Taskbar Icons
Taskbar Buttons::Never combine
Unlock the taskbar
Allow 3rd Party Themes
Always Show Menu Bars
Automatically Expand to Current Folder
'Confirmation Dialog' on Delete::Show
Control Panel View::Category
Disable Search Online on Unknown File Extensions
Double Mouse Speed
Force Aero
Mouse Hover Time::20
Remove Shortcut Arrow
Show All Icons on System Tray
Show Explorer Statusbar
Speed Up Desktop
Speed-up Access to AVI Media Files
Change CMD Text Color::Bright Blue
Enable DVD in Media Player
Enable SSL and TLS
Open NFO files with notepad
Show Notepad Statusbar
Word Wrap in Notepad
Always Show Menu Bar
Clear History on Exit
Disable Default Browser Check
Disable First Run Customize
Disable IE Crash Detection
Disable Signature checking for EXEs
Disable Warning on Close (Tabs)
Enable 'Caret' Browsing
Enable Suggested Sites
Enable Third Party Components
Faster Browsing in IE
Set Google as Search Provider
Show IE Statusbar::Show Status Bar
Turn On Clear Type
Unlimited Simultaneous Downloads
Shutdown Quicker
Always Unload DLLs
Block Negative DNS Entries
Mini Dumps::Kernel [Default]
Increase File System Memory Cache Size
Increase RPC Packet Size
Keep Positive DNS Entries
Turn off system beeps


Compatibility Check
Create Backups
Debug Updates
Enable CMD
Failed Updates to Silent Installers
Integrate 'HDC' Drivers (boot.wim)
Integrate 'SCSIADAPTER' Drivers (boot.wim)
Integrate 'SYSTEM' Drivers (boot.wim)
Integrate 'USB' Drivers (boot.wim)
Move Known Problem Updates to Silent Installers
Prepare Drivers
Prompt Addons
Prompt Drivers
Prompt Gadgets
Prompt Silent
Prompt Themes
Prompt Updates
Prompt Wallpapers
Rebuild Image
Remove Invalid Drivers
Retry Updates
Show Duplicates

UXTheme patch=Enable

[Visual Effects]

Transparent Glass=Enable
Avalon effects=Enable
Minimize and Maximize Animation=Enable

[Internet Explorer]

IE Phishing Filter=Enable
Show Status Bar=Enable

Thanx for @tomeCar @AlienX® for images and logos

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hi sir..... sorry for my bad English.. can I ask the minimum requirements of this awesome oS of yours? thanx..... more power