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Torrent Windows 7 Blue Core (64bit) Axeswy & Tomecar


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Windows 7 Blue Core (64Bit) aXeSwY & tomeCar

Clean ..Simple ..Pure ..Elegant ..Minimal Design ..Smart Use of Your System Blue Core Windows 7 64Bit..


Components removed

  • Australia Local Pack
  • Canada Local Pack
  • Delete 'Support' folder
  • Great Britain Local Pack
  • Mobile PC Client Components (Basic)
  • Mobile PC Client Components (Premium)
  • Mobile PC Client SideShow Components
  • Mobile PC Sensors ALS Driver
  • New Zealand Local Pack
  • Tablet PC Components
  • United States Local Pack
Services tweaked

  • Group Policy Client::Automatic (Delayed Start)
  • IIS Admin Service::Automatic (Delayed Start)
  • Print Spooler::Automatic (Delayed Start)
  • Windows Event Log::Automatic
  • Windows Firewall::Automatic (Delayed Start)
  • FTP::-Disabled
  • IP Helper::-Disabled
  • LPD Service::-Disabled
  • Offline Files::-Disabled
  • Windows Search::-Disabled
  • Media Center Extender::-Disabled
  • Net.Msmq Listener Adapter::-Disabled
  • Net.Pipe Listener Adapter::-Disabled
  • Net.Tcp Listener Adapter::-Disabled
  • Net.Tcp Port Sharing::-Disabled
  • Application Management::-Disabled
  • Bluetooth Support::-Disabled
  • Branch Cache::-Disabled
  • Certificate Propagation::-Disabled
  • Distributed Link Tracking Client::-Disabled
  • Netlogon::-Disabled
  • Network Access Protection Agent::-Disabled
  • Parental Controls::-Disabled
  • Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator::-Disabled
  • Remote Registry::-Disabled
  • Routing and Remote Access::-Disabled
  • Smart Card::-Disabled
  • Smart Card Removal Policy::-Disabled
  • SNMP Trap::-Disabled
  • Windows Connect Now - Config Registrar::-Disabled
  • Windows Media Player Network Sharing::-Disabled
  • Windows Process Activation::-Disabled
  • Windows Error Reporting::Manual
  • Windows Event Collector::Manual
Theme Packs

  • Theme\Radiance (Aero) As default
  • Amazing wallpapers that fits perfectly the themes
Registry tweaks

  • Add 'Manage' to Desktop context-menu
  • Add 'Take Ownership' to context-menu
  • Add 'Register' and 'Unregister' to *.dll, *.ocx and *.ax Context Menu
  • 500ms Delay Aero Peek
  • Show 'Computer' on Desktop
  • Show 'Control Panel' on Desktop
  • Show 'Network' on Desktop
  • Show User Folder on Desktop
  • Allow 3rd Party Themes
  • Disable 8.3 Name Creation
  • Increase Icon Cache
  • Show File Extensions
  • Speed Up Desktop
  • Speed-up Access to AVI Media Files
  • Disable Auto Reboot after installing updates
  • Disable Windows Media Player Auto Updater
  • Disable Admin Shares
  • Disable Automatic Restart on BSOD
  • Disable Bandwidth Limit
  • Disable CPU Parking (AMD)
  • Disable Dr Watson
  • Increase RPC Packet Size

Software Added :

  • 7-zip 9.38
  • DirectX
  • .NET Framework 4.6
  • FireFox 42
  • Google Chrome
  • Skype.msi (last stable version)
  • uTorrent 3.4
  • Visual C++ Redistributable Package All (x86 + x64)
  • Winrar 5.4 (x64 , registered )
  • Windows Loader for activation (if you select first image)

Before you ask this what you need to know :
  • Is it preactivated : YES and NO (You have BOTH versions)
  • Can you send me the theme : NO
  • Can I install it from USB : Yes use rufus
  • Can i make a bootable DVD out of this : Yes
  • Would you make a x32Bit of this : Maybe who knows....
  • I have a problems....: Contact @aXeSwY or me @tomeCar

To have WinRAR looking cool (as OS is looking :) )

Youcan use this theme for WinRAR

Checksum information:

Name: BlueCore.iso
Size: 3296354304 bytes (3143 MB)

CRC32: A4836C40
CRC64: B028C38CAD80DA55
SHA1: 05F23FABDC590218718C502AEF800503D55F378C
SHA256: 3736B7DF9DD7F92C63C6414C64D531AE05DDECC984206358B8EFD6F261D9AB9B

Firewall not working fix :

Please if your firewall not working you could fix the problem doing this steps :
  • You can an excuse it as admin
Sharing this windows in other forums / websites without even mention the source is rude!
(keep doing this and all our releases will be VIP only , they deserve it after all)

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No Doubt! it is one of the most simple+beautiful+light+smooth+minimal OS.
most important thing anyone can try it no matter what age he/she has, something like One for all :*

Brilliant work tom & aXe. +100 for this release and as The Rain said it would be best if downloader have ability to get this OS through torrent. :)


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tnx Bud...im glad u like it ....hope Members like it to...
i dont know is there many Minimal Design lovers here....but im big big fan...
we will see :)
Tom, kindly add minimal system Requirments.
i mean let it be in thread before newbies ask question related to this. :)


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if ms-office added then. that would added 4 stars to the os. really awesome.

waiting eagerly for torrent. w8ing for this.....