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Freeleech Torrent + Direct Windows 10 AIO 20h1 V.18932.1000.190628-1650 Extend Version en-us July2019 (x86x64) [32in2]-=TEAM OS=-

The Rain

Windows updater and modifier
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Windows 10 AIO 20h1 V.18932.1000.190628-1650 Extend Version en-us July2019 (x86x64) [32in2]-=TEAM OS=-

General Info:-

Program version:-10.0.18932.1000.190628-1650
Architect:- 32bit & 64bit
size:- 2.53gb & 3.35gb
Author builds: TEAM OS
Language: English
Treatment: In-completed


System requirements:
* Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster.
* RAM: 1 gigabyte (GB).
* Free space on hard disk: 16 gigabytes (GB).
* Graphics card: DirectX 9 graphics device or a newer version.
* Additional requirements to use certain features.
* To use touch you need a tablet or monitor that supports multitouch.
* To access the Windows store to download and run apps, you need an active Internet connection and a screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768 pixels.

Assembling made on the basis of original images from MSDN. Included in the distribution Net Framework 3.5 is enabled. The system is completely on the original installer.
It is possible to install both from under the BIOS and under the system.

Composition of assembly:
Windows 10 Home
Windows 10 Home N
Windows 10 Pro
Windows 10 Pro N
Windows 10 Home Single Language
Windows 10 Enterprise N
Windows 10 Pro Education
Windows 10 Pro Education N
Windows 10 Pro for Workstations
Windows 10 Pro N for Workstations
Windows 10 Education
Windows 10 Education N
Windows 10 Pro Single Language
Windows 10 Enterprise for Remote Sessions
Windows 10 IoT Enterprise
Windows 10 Enterprise

Check Sums:-
Name: en_windows_10_aio_20h1_version_18932.1000.190628-1650_16in1_x64_dvd.iso
Date: 7/4/2019
Size: 3.35 GB (3,605,917,696 bytes)
SHA-1: 26c978c91fe08972cdc03aad63c3af7350d8ab65
MD5: 6413c8e046572a630505dd8d5ad57028
CRC32: c6d17ccb

Name: en_windows_10_aio_20h1_version_18932.1000.190628-1650_16in1_x86_dvd.iso
Date: 7/4/2019
Size: 2.53 GB (2,720,567,296 bytes)
SHA-1: 051d06cda30d1deeaa2c950823c04ee6e4cac7d3
MD5: e11cb6daf542daf68020abedc848571e
CRC32: 9f1a45d3

Screen Shots:-

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vahid haji

Registered User
14.3 GB
5 GB
hi please help
Between versions 19h1 and 20h1
Which one is better؟؟؟؟؟


Verified Member
16.4 GB
679.9 GB
19h1 is final
hmmm, so, there is the 19h1 that is final, the 20h1 is not. The 19h2 is a prior to 20h1 ?.
How can I know what all these mean ?, or is it a decision from MS ?
I liked the idea of the "muti-remote desktop" version but what version should I use as final ? Maybe a prior one ?
Thanks :)
what version should I use as final ?
...ok, I've gone around reading and this is what I see:
The first build is from the 19H1 branch, which represents the Windows 10 update that will arrive in the first half of this year, and the second is from the 20H1 branch, which will arrive in the first half of 2020.
... ...
Don’t install either build on your production machine.

So, I guess that's my answer :(
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