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Direct Webroot - Antivirus with Firewall - (Preactivated)


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Webroot is a leading supplier of PC security software. SecureAnywhere AntiVirus

The antivirus software on your computer helps protect against viruses, but it doesn’t protect your identity on the internet. Webroot SecureAnywhere includes the following key features:
  • SecureAnywhere detects, blocks and removes all infections, including highly sophisticated banking malware from your PC
  • Identity Protection
  • Social Network Protection
  • Verifies the websites you visit are genuine and are not phishing websites
  • Verifies the login information you enter is meant for the website you are entering it into
  • It helps protect your personal information, even if there is malicious software on your computer
  • Compatible with all other virus software
  • And it it’s extremely fast and lightweight with super-fast virus scans!
Webroot's SecureAnywhere protection takes only seconds to install and is compatible with your antivirus software. Once you’ve installed it, you can just leave it running in the background, ensuring you stay protected against the latest threats.

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You are officially bae !!!!! i have been waiting and hoping to find this for real man Thank you so much !!!! You Made my Crappy Night alot Better now!!:inlove::inlove: