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Direct Utorrent Pro 3.5.4 Build 44590 Stable Multilanguage

403.3 MB
5 GB

Multilanguage usual and portable version, without advertising , in one installer!

μTorrent is a fast, convenient, free and compact torrent client. The μTorrent client, to date, is one of the most functional solutions for working with the BitTorrent network. The program combines optimal functionality with a small size. Supports work independently of the tracker, allows you to download several files at once, has a customizable bandwidth, quick recovery of interrupted downloads and much more.

Features of μTorrent:

  • uTorrent supports parallel downloads​
  • Rationally uses the width of the channel and allows it to be adjusted​
  • Built-in uTorrent scheduler manages tasks​
  • uTorrent has the ability to prioritize traffic and adjust the speed​
  • Has the functions of quick stop and resume downloads​
  • uTorrent supports UPnP and NAT-PMP, as well as popular protocol extensions​
  • Has low memory consumption and a small program size​
  • Supports reading RSS-feeds and downloading torrent-announcements​
  • Interacts with other customers without having to have a primary tracker (DHT)​
  • uTorrent supports protocol encryption​
  • The interface uTorrent has support for changing themes and the ability to translate into other languages​
  • uTorrent has built-in remote control via HTTP protocol, using the web-interface (WebUI)​
  • uTorrent works in all versions of Windows operating systems​
  • Also, you can use uTorrent on Linux with Wine​
Features RePack
Type: installation | unpacking
Languages: ML.
Integrated: Langpack.
In addition: ads are disabled.

CMD line Install:
• Silent installation of the regular version: / S / I
• Unpacking the portable version: / S / P

μTorrentPro 3.5.4 Build 44590 Stable (17.1 MB)

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Unpacking is or mean a portable version witch don't need install.

You can switch lang after install.
Thanks, but I don't know which one to even use to begin since the name of it is in Russian.
If you post screenshots of how to click our way through that'd help a lot.


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Big thanks! After using Google Translate to identify the difference in .cmd files, I was able to install and get back up and running in no time. Thanks for sharing!