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Torrent + Direct Ultronic10 [Gaming OS] [19H2 Win10 x64] :Sunehildeep:


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17.5 GB
75.3 GB
Ultronic10 [Gaming OS] [19h2 Win10 x64] :Sunehildeep:

Removed :-

  • Printing
  • Scanner
  • Defender
  • Search
  • XPS
  • Ease Of Access
  • Help
  • On Screen Keyboard
  • Screen Reader
  • Screen Magnifier
  • Steps Modifier
  • Welcome Center
  • Contacts
  • Easy Transfer
  • Windows ****
  • Sidebar
  • Windows To Go
  • Sync
  • 3D apps
  • App Connector and Resolver
  • Bing
  • Camera
  • Connect
  • Support
  • Cortana
  • Messaging
  • Edge
  • People
  • Office
  • One Connect
  • Note
  • Phone
  • Skype
  • Solitaire
  • Sway
  • Wallet
  • Feedback
  • Maps
  • Mixed Reality
  • Photos
  • Store
  • XBox
  • Zune
  • Game Bar
  • Game Chat
  • Game Mode
  • Game Explorer
  • Telemetry
  • Privacy Tweaks
  • Windows Insider
  • Superfetch
  • Search Disabled
  • Much more you can find out after installing it because I lost track of the things while making the log :p
Tweaks :-
  • Disable Hibernation
  • NetFx 3.5 Enabled
  • Many (around 19) registry tweaks integerated (credit: @PanosXidis94)
  • BCDEDIT Tweak integerated (credit: @PanosXidis94)
  • Ultimate Performance Power Plan Enabled
  • Hard Disk Auto Turn Off disabled
  • Less Ram Consumption :D
  • Important Updates Pre-Installed
-Winaero tweaker
-MSI utility For MSI
- Tweak BIOS
- Install drivers (remember to strip GPU driver)
- Install Visual Runtimes
- Install DirectX
- NVIDIA control panel and inspector tweaks
- Configure MSI mode
- Affinity tweaking
- Timer resolution tweaks (ISLC)
- Customize/personalize your machine with Winaero Tweaker (optional)
- Tweak Win32 Priority Separation (optional)
- Network tweaks (optional, not recommended)
- Unpark cores (optional)
-TCP optimizer
-Needs Third party software for startmenu Like Startisback
Tweaks Link:


  • Language: English
  • Architecture: 64bit
  • Type: Home 19h2
  • File Size: 2.92GB

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Bhaskar Shetty

Registered User
29.2 GB
133.7 GB
Is to many reg keys on this ISO for Gaming expierence with lower latency as you can!!!and on nvidia drivers please download clean version without Telemetry.
where can i find that ?, i was removing telemetry from install files as follows :-

1: Download the latest driver 2: Do not double click on it 3: Instead, use 7zip and extract all the contents into the Nvidia folder (normally it's in C: drive) 3: Once all the contents have been extracted, browse through the folders and look for the NvTelemetry folder and delete it.....There are also a hidden Telemetry file hidden in the folder called NvContainer, find those and delete the file called NvContainerTelemetryApi 4: In the same NvContainer folder there is 2 more folders called x86, and x86_64, look inside and you will find more Telemetry files, delete those as well 5: Once done, double click on the "setup" application and your new Nvidia driver will install WITHOUT all that Telemetry garbage

BTW Found this on Nvidia Driver forum Discussions.