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Tech News The next version of Windows 10 will reserve at least 7 GB of memory for updates.

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Starting with the next functional update for Windows 10, now code-named 19H1, Microsoft introduces the “Reserved Storage” feature. This function will allocate a certain amount of space in the device’s memory for storing temporary files created by applications and services, and is also intended for a more convenient system update process. Now, if your device does not have enough memory, an attempt to install the update will fail.

Now, when it is time to upgrade, the operating system will delete the temporary files, thereby freeing up the space required for the upgrade. If this is not enough, then Windows 10 will ask you to either expand the memory with a USB drive, or free up space in the device’s memory.

The system will reserve at least 7 GB of memory, which can be a serious problem for devices with a small amount of internal storage (32 or 64 GB). Initially, the company considered the option of using a virtual hard disk, but eventually decided to add support for the function in NTFS. Simply put, the system stack will tell you how much space is required for the function, and the visible available space will be reduced by this number.

You can test the “Reserved Storage” function in Windows 10 insider builds with build number 18298 or later.
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(edit) OK, is maybe issue for device like surface with small storage space, but this is not problem for most user of Windows. Maybe MS gets smart and allow to turn off for mobile device.
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Microsoft logic in all its splendor ....
This "false innovation" already exists since windows 98 .... Indeed, Windows Update downloads the updates then, installs them and restarts without your opinion ....

We're just going to lose some more space ....

Like everyday life.....


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GREETINGS... This is ridiculous! MS has partnered with HP and others to sell inexpensive stripped down laptops (HP Stream series, for example) to compete against low-priced, simple Chromebooks. Many of these laptops came with 32GB of digital storage - which quickly fills up with program files. Realizing that this has created a problem installing the large semi-annual updates, MS now allows owners to insert a USB drive with at least 10 GB of open space during major updates, to allow file swapping and other update processes to un successfully. A simple and effective solution! No need to tie up the limited storage space on these laptops with a "reserve" for future large updates. Just pop in a USB drive and you're good to go But now MS is going to take over our limited laptops and control our storage? Why? THE PROBLEM IS ALREADY SOLVED, AND HAS BEEN SOLVED FOR THE LAST TWO SEMI-ANNUAL UPDATES!