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Team - Os : Various User Classes & Statuses - {2019}


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User Classes On TeamOS

Registered User: When users sign up on TeamOS and get registered with email, the post/thread needs Moderation before it goes public.
The username title color shows in Pale Blue.

Verified Member: Due to many reasons we have taken Verified Member rank from auto system function. It's now a manual function.
You will only gain this status if you have completed all the requirements we need.
How to become Verified Member: You will become Verified Member by Staff/ SA according to required time limit. Other achievements that are met earlier will be considered by staff.

Power User: This title is next level above Verified Member. When a user becomes more valuable. Meaning their posts & likes and they were active more then a month.
This title is not automatic. Only Super Admins. can review and promote a member. You must have Verified Member status first to gain it.
The username title color shows in Teal Green.

VIP Member: This title is given to those who bought site membership or made a donation to TeamOS. No requirement is needed to gain this title.
Go Here to get membership. The username title color shows in Orange.

Moderator: As the name suggests these folks moderate the forums. Unlike Super Moderators, they work exclusively in the forums.
They work to keep forums up to date and take care of users activities and material they posted here. They will always be there to help newbies.
If you need your thread moved or want help and need more assistance then you can get help from one of them. The username title color shows in Dark Purple.

Super Moderator: Often abbreviated to Mods, these are the people who oversee everything on the site from deleting bad torrents/threads
to taking action against users who have broken the rules. Their job is same like a Mod but they have extra power to reach to users privileges.
Their username title color shows in Blue.

Administrator: These are the people at the top of Mods, Super mods can look to Admin. for advice or assistance.
Admin. have more power and ability to reach to users privileges to Ban.
Their username title color shows in Dark Red.

Super Administrator: These are the people at the top.. They are Site Bosses and have all privileges on site to control anything they want.. Their username title color shows in Red.

Note: Mod & above classes are managed manually. When we do promote, we promote the users ourselves depending on the need.
There is no tutorial or guidance to become part of staff. Do your best. One day you might be the one we need.
A reminder: Asking for promotion/status/reputation points is considered as Ban. if you ask to be promoted you will be Gone.

Regards, TeamOS Staff.
Special thanks to Mr.Lonely & The Rain

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Agreed. This helps clear it up for some of us 'slower' people heheh ;)