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Team - Os : Site Introduction & Guidance For All!!! {2019}

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Site Introduction Thread

HIT ''Like'' before or after reading thread. MUST

Hello, Everyone :hi:
Here Team-OS offers this Guidance Thread to show you most of the important things about how to get started right and get around for all members..

Heads Up : Due to system upgradation Your post might get approved automatically so do not wait for any approval but sometimes it wouldn't approve automatically.. In that case wait unless it get approved.

Warning: Before you try to download any torrent, PLEASE read this Guide to avoid losing Ratio otherwise you cannot download any torrent: Meaning Of Ratio


Express Guide!!
Go to Thread you want to download>> Read the Thread completely>> Go to end of Thread or last page..
There is a space there for you to leave 1 nice comment/feedback>>>
Make your 1 comment and hit "Post Reply" >> Go back to Threads 1st page and give it a "LIKE">>>>>
NOW Download Please..


Ok.. Lets start now.. The first three 1. , 2. , and 3 that follow are very Important!!

Please post positive feedback/comments on any thread. Do not made double/triple posts on a thread, once you've posted a feedback or comment, do not keep posting on same thread.

Post 1 feedback/comment then you may download torrent/content from everywhere without posting feedback every time, and if your suppose to post 2nd feedback then go on and post it at another thread. Remember, 2 feedback posts shouldn't be similar. they must be different. So do make feedback/comments different from post to post on Threads the best you can..

Note 1: Each of your posts must have a time gap of 1 minute. If you'd make 2 posts or above within a minute. then other above posts will be deleted and 1st shall remain only. This Rule & Function apply to all Members.

Note 2: Avoid Posting like this > tnx, nce, thnk, smiley <These are not considered acceptable comments.. All Feedback/Comments must be 5 letters or more. The more the better but do not over do it... Make proper feedback/comments not just ''thanks'' ''nice'' ''good'' ''bla bla bla''!

Note 3: If you have made 3 posts in row and they all contains the word ''Thanks'' for example, then 2 of duplicate posts will get deleted, so better to make proper and different posts per each thread with valuable sentences not just single words. (Example: Thank you bud, it's a great OS..)

Means you must ''Like'' thread before downloading torrent. Kindly, Hit ''Like'' and then click on torrent to download it.

Again>>> Do not press quote/reply button before posting anything on thread/topic.

How to download torrent?

Click On link to download torrent and start downloading through utorrent/bittorrent client.

Note: Comment only if you're going to download or already downloaded any material. other then that avoid adding statements if you weren't downloaded anything.

Warning: Before you start torrent downloading, Please read this to know how to manage Ratio and how to keep it required to download torrents forever: Meanings Of Ratio

3. Registered User can only post thread in Post And Share section.

Read Site FAQ & Do's & Don'ts before you do anything. After Reading Both Kindly Read This Thread Before Uploading Here: TeamOS Stantard Guide/Tutorial To Upload & Become An Uploader!

You cannot do posting in other categories, if you did you will be Gone. Just create thread under Post And Share then Staff will verify that topic and move it to it's correct category if needed.

When Registered user become Verified Member then they can ask Super Mod/Admin to move their threads to correct categories according to material. Read FAQ for further information.
Once you become VM you can personally ask to Super Mod/Admin to move your threads.

How to become Verified member > Read Here

4. These are the most valuable site features and functions. read on screenshot:

5. Information about Advanced Forum Statistics:

6. How to see User's threads (Threads made by user) & How to send message to a user:

7. What i overall downloaded/uploaded from TeamOS through torrent?
See At Site's Main Page > Left Side Blocks > MY BITTORRENT STATS

8. How do i see how many torrents i'm actively seeding?

9. Can i see torrents/direct links history for each contain?

No. we don't store anything to view history of your downloaded/uploaded data & places.

10. Can i reset my downloaded/uploaded data?

No. we don't have any function. all you need to seed torrents before you loss required ratio.

11. What does Red torrent status means. when and why it happen?

Torrents become Red when downloading/seeding torrent due to several reasons.

About Team-OS torrent private tracker.. It becomes Red if tracker machine goes offline & tracker status would likely show Error 521. It's usually nothing to worry about..
Just keep your torrents running and without doing anything..
When tracker become online then your torrents will start running automatically again..

You can make sure of tracker is offline or online, Go to main page, at right side blocks, see under ''BITTORRENT STATUS'' if you see tracker status/color as Red that means tracker is offline.
If you see it's green then tracker is running. See this image.

And you can read this thread to get knowledge about most of usual errors/configuration about utorrent/torrents. Utorrent Important Guide.

12. Where i can ask for help regarding site & other valuable help?

Go to this thread and ask your question or get help: -Site Help and Requests

13. Thread link is not working or updated, direct link not working?

Go to this thread Broken Link and post thread link.

14. Can i Edit my thread and post?

Registered Users cannot edit their thread/post.
You may ask staff Moderator to Edit your thread if you have any else to add .. Send PM to any Mod and explain why you need to edit thread.
You may also ask here: Thread needs category change/editing!

15. How Many Post Required For Registered User Per Day?

No more then 3 in row, Request thread posts included.
Remember if you made 4th post then make sure last 3rd and 4th post have minimum 1 hour time gap between both. (Max 7 post per day. if showed time difference otherwise they will be pruned)
Note: Duplicate posts will consider as spam and they will get delete.

16. Avatar size and limitation?

Maximum dimension: 200x200 pixels. Format: JPEG, PNG. Maximum Size: 500kb

17. Read signature rules before adding any signature on site.

Go here to read: Signature Rules

18. Which Image hosting site allowed to provide images at thread?

Use only https://lookimg.com/ to upload and provide images link. Other image hosting sites not allowed.

19. Thread got removed/deleted why?

R6ad these threads to get possible reasons of deletion This Thread

20. What is ratio? Before you download torrent read it (Recommended)

Go here and read: Meanings Of Ratio

21. How many user's classes/ranks TeamOS have?

You may read this: Teamos Various User Classes

22. How many posts/likes/warning/trophy i have yet?

Go to your > Profile< at left side under > Profile Avatar. Click & Watch Image >
Note: Messages means ''Posts'' doesn't mean your inbox messages.

23. Do not ever try to mess with Staff member and argue with their taken decision:

That considered under Ban Account.

24. How many languages are allowed in the forum?

English. We only allow English at this site. Kindly avoid other languages or else it will be ignored.

25. Can I provide outside link to help user regarding their request?

Verified members can provide outside link regarding help. Kindly PM author / recipient ONLY.

Registered Users cannot post outside link anywhere, period. If any are found, will be deleted without notice.

Note Regarding Outside Links on Threads and Post.

To make clear everything regarding outside links, hidden links etc.

1. Non-related links to the post/thread which direct to Advertising, Blogs,
other Forum and in general Spam are OUTSIDE LINKS. >> NOT ALLOWED
2. Hidden links in Letters/Numbers/Word or Phases. >> NOT ALLOWED
3. Related Links to the post/thread in general are. INSIDE LINKS>> ALLOWED.

SOLUTION: if they are legit links related to the post/thread. Create a Section at end of post/thread called "Related Links"
Then open each one and copy and paste them there and then re-write
the word or phrase where they were hidden..


26. Username: What kind of username not accepted:

Remember: Choose positive usernames or else real name only. Staff can and will ban Account if obscene/vulgar/ UserNames are used!!!

Note: If your username contains abuse regarding gender disability/nature/region/religious/political groups/nations/spoiling/threatend/harrassment,
then your account will be ban or permanently removed from site.

Important Note: We don't accept username change request. so avoid asking!

27. Is that fair to press ''Quote'' ''Reply'' button before feedback on thread?

NO! Do not Press ''Quote'' ''Reply'' when you're going to feedback on any thread. Just type your comment and Post it. and beware DO NOT PRESS ''QUOTE'' ''REPLY'' BUTTON BEFORE TYPING COMMENT.

28. What Is Duplicate Account Notice?

Read At FAQ for further information.

Note 1: Do Not Press ''Quote'' ''Reply'' button before adding any feedback to any thread. Make your feedback without pressing ''Quote'' and ''Reply'' button.

Press ''Reply'' ''Quote'' if you're going to make question/anwser to any specific feedback a member already made at thread.

Else you can add multiply post into single post to anwser all of them right away.

Chat/Forums is the place to get General Help and take a little rest and Have Fun!!

Please Do not spam Chat Box.

Please No requesting software. Use search and Browse Forum. Always

Please No outside links regarding anything.

Please Search for your question before you ask Always.

This is just a group chat not a chat support. Please Use Search Engine for Software & OS's.
Links out of subject will be reported and user will be blocked from chat.

Most of all, RESPECT everyone, no matter your personal feelings . Be a good member always.

We Hope this guide would definitely help you to easily enjoy the site.. Please avoid asking useless questions and if you don't know how to do ''this or that'' then ask to any experienced member on site or ask to Staff Memeber.

Good luck! and Enjoy your stay!

Regards, Team-OS Staff Team!
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explained every step for the new folks..........:)
I am going to be real easy on you.. First how can you ask such a question, you have been here 9 day and I asume you are an adult, so get ready for this.
This will help you in everything you do here.:nod:


Lots of Time and Great Effort went into the Creation of These by a Friend:

This may seem like a lot but these are invaluable!!



PS: Sorry @Mr.SaM I may of got cared away here.
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