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Direct Team-OS Introduction and Guidance For All


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Team-OS Introduction and Guidance For All
Date: April 30, 2019
Language: English
Format: NMS_ Application.exe
File Size: 27,8 MB

Because of the needs and problems encountered by Moderators and Administrators when communicating with new and sometimes old members who often ask the same or similar questions, i have decided to make an application that will bring together the most common questions and answers into one entity and which would be they were in one place. This is the essence of this application. I hope that by using it, all members will benefit and will find answers to their questions in part or in full.

I also want to help new members know how to get familiar with the work and activities that are being carried out on this web site and help them in the period of adaptation to discipline and positive behavior of members, which is manifested through the introduction and work of site rules.


  2. Site Introduction and Guidance For All
  3. Do's and Don'ts
  4. All Faq's Are Here
  5. Help and Request Center
  6. Torrenting Guidance and Ratio Solutions
  7. Tutorial For Uploading and Posting
  8. Tutorial - Uploading Torrent
  9. How to become Verified member
  10. Signature Rules
  11. Various User Classes and Statuses
  12. My Thread or Any Content Got Removed
  13. Guidelines on how to use
  14. How to get VIP status
  15. How to use the Search
  16. Guide and helpful information about Utorrent
  17. Windows 10
  18. Windows 8
  19. Windows 7
  20. Microsoft Office
  21. Linux
  22. Antivirus
  23. Multimedia
  24. Utility Tools

How to use the app


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