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Spotify apk for galaxy watch (Tizen)

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56.3 GB
2.7 TB
hey guys looking for some help or advice the galaxy watch or gear s4 has LTE and can stream spotify if you have premium .....
i have the APK for my phone and works awesome wondering if they make a similar one for the watch ??
or if there is a way to install the same APK directly to the watch ?

any help would be awesome
thank you guys !!!


Update** have done some research (more)
The watch uses tizen OS . the fourms are all over the map some show wear OS app works some show it does not work ....?

So far have tried using adb and get access denied... when trying to install the wear OS spotify lite
not sure if I need to use a tizen upload. ?
App I tried was. Spotify lite on xda
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