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Direct Sparkol Videoscribe PRO version 3.5.2-18 (64-bit) -=TeamOS=-


Windows Modifier
51.6 GB
11.8 TB

Trusted by the world's leading companies, educators, and users from over 160 countries, Sparkol has led the way with the vision and development of the leading whiteboard animation explainer video solution, VideoScribe. With this, an intuitive tool user can with no prior experience making a video that looks as though it is hand-drawn with no animation knowledge. Sparkol VideoScribe application helps a user create whiteboard-style animated and videos to present products, make a point, or reveal a new concept in a non-formal and captivating manner. Whiteboard animation videos are a fun and compelling way to get a message to the target audience and make them remember it. Different from the regular slide-by-slide presentation or the talking-head tutorials, whiteboard stories are more interactive and have a higher chance of granting user success.

VideoScribe is an exciting piece of software that users can use to put creativity to the test and build whiteboard animations that present any topic. Working with VideoScribe should not pose any difficulty. Practically, the scribe canvas is infinite, allowing a user to add as much content as need. The presentation can be previewed anytime and published when ready. VideoScribe came with a free image, text, and recorded voiceover library that includes a plethora of shapes, fonts, and melodies the user can insert onto the canvas. Forms can be easily resized using the mouse, moved around on the art, and rotated. Images can be edited to create shadows, add the effects, or adjust some parameters, such as their brightness, their contrast, or their saturation.

As for the animation, the default effect is to draw the item, but a user can also have it move in from outside the canvas or morph from another object. Text boxes can accompany images with custom font styles and colors, as well as pie, line, or bar charts from illustrating statistical data. The audio library is as precious as the graphics one, with various songs a user can use as background music. Alternatively, VideoScribe comes with a built-in recorder to add voiceover to the presentation and explain all the presented concepts. The performance can be previewed at any point in time, allowing a user to watch how a realistic hand draws everything on board and will enable ideas to come to life.

VideoScribe is a practical application that offers an excellent alternative to standard presentation software. A whiteboard story allows user messages to reach the public in a way that regular slides might fail too. Whether a user is creating a presentation for the team, for a client, for students, or school, VideoScribe is versatile enough to cover any subject and help memorably deliver content.

In the end, we can conclude Videoscribe is a platform with a simple, user-friendly interface and intuitive learning curve. The internet and YouTube channel are overfilled with video content that can clarify all the uncertainties regarding the possibilities over this powerful application. With this tool, a user can go beyond the limits of the possible! Transform your own creativity in action!

The given download links do not provide the newest version.

What is new in version 3.5.2-18 (Released on March 24, 2020):
  • We have redesigned the layout of the scribe music library to make it more intuitive and there is now even more information available about each track, including genres, loop friendly indicators plus extra filters and sorting options.
First Time Users
  • Customers starting their free-trial and using VideoScribe for the first time will now be guided through the 4 steps needed to create a new project, add images to the canvas, previewing your work and accessing help and support.
User Interface Improvements
  • We are constantly looking at ways of improving the User Interfaces in ways to make them more intuitive and more easily understood.
Bug Fixes
  • We have also squashed some pesky bugs in 3.5.2-18 of VideoScribe.
What is new in version 3.2.1-6 (Released on March 07, 2019):
Facebook publishing disabled
  • Facebook no longer supports the posting of media content directly onto a user's timeline from applications such as VideoScribe, so we have removed this feature from the publishing options.
User interface improvements
  • We have turned a lot of +/- spinner controls into drop-down menus;
  • When changing the scribe hand, the selected hand used to be removed from its original folder and added to the user "Recently Used" list in the library. Not anymore;
  • In the "Add Text" screen, the drop-down list of fonts will now display each option in a sample preview of that font;
  • If a user chooses to render its video to but then change a mind, a user can now click the "X," which we have added to the top right corner;
  • When user select the "Outline" mode for an image, any hidden reveal strokes for the image's color element will now be ignored;
  • The light grey text in input fields, which explains the function, has been made a little darker for clarity.
Bug fixes
  • When zooming out a long way, elements were disappearing from the canvas;
  • If 24 or more images were layered on top of each other, a white box would appear around the 24th;
  • If user copy and paste elements in VideoScribe, they will now remember the original animation method;
  • If user copy and paste multiple elements, they will currently all be selected when pasted;
  • Some square and rectangular images were not being shown or drawn;
  • Images with the "Greyscale" option selected were being loaded with a 0% contrast, making them appear entirely black;
  • When de-selecting a group of multi-selected elements, a user had to click on a single element twice;
  • When layering elements on the canvas, it is now a lot easier to select smaller images on top of others;
  • Right clicking on projects in user "Online Scribes" folder will no longer give a user the "Export" and "Save Online" options;
  • If VideoScribe were left idle or minimized for a long time, it would lose internet connection and access to online content;
  • Resizing text multiple times sometimes led to the set proportions being lost, squashing the text;
Performance enhancements

  • When recording user voice over, the scribe will no longer be loaded unless the 'Play scribe on record' option is selected.
Other minor tweaks
  • We made some security updates to the way that user account accesses online content;
  • The "About" screen will now tell whether a user is using the 64-bit or 32-bit version of VideoScribe.
What is new in version 3.1.0 (Released on July 03, 2018):
  • New image folder structure;
  • Over 200 new images;
  • Minor bug fix.
What is new in 3.0.2010 (Released on October 18, 2017):
  • An improved user experience and slick UI – animate easier than ever before;
  • Enhanced search – find precisely the image you need in record time;
  • Intelligent image recommendations – focus your creativity on your video instead;
  • Smoother performance – maximum productivity when using the software.
What is new in 2.3.7 (Released on February 15, 2017):
  • Choose between English and Spanish languages within VideoScribe;
  • Simplified JPEG and PNG import process;
  • Image libraries load faster;
  • Open base library projects with a double click;
  • Faster auto-saves;
  • ‘No Hand' option more accessible to find in hands menu;
  • Unsupported text characters now more comfortable to identify;
  • Image folders streamlined, please see this Blog Post for more information.
What is new in version 2.3.6 (Released on September 5, 2016):
  • Add a logo watermark to video – User can now personally brand videos with a logo. It allows a user to add a watermark to scribe files before rendering them;
  • Move in bug fixed – A issue was identified where move-in elements with zero animate time did not appear in made videos.

System requirements:
OS: Microsoft Windows Vista or higher;
RAM: 1GB (2GB recommended);
CPU: an X86-compatible processor or Intel Atom 1.6GHz (Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Phenom II processor recommended);
A screen that can handle 800x768 resolution (1280x720 resolution recommended).

Install notes:
1. Kindly read 'Read me.txt' file given in download zip file;
2. Enjoy!


Virus free! No virus signature! 100% clean!
All credits go to M4y4n Proph3cy T34m, who made and shared the patch with us!

MD5: BF3F9C52C67309ABB7A8B06293F31BAB
SHA1: 575A9890B061BDCDA8F3A58CCCAB83467BB7F483
SHA256: 3C6FCE14D6111B0F2843AC40AF006EB75A8226626FE23A2CD977C35891301474

Kind regards,
in collaboration with TeamOS ;)

Download links - version 3.5.2-18 (Size: 181.24 MB):