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Freeleech Torrent + Direct SamDrivers 19 - Collection of drivers for Windows (x86x64) [Multi]

The Rain

Windows updater and modifier
Super Admin
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255 TB
SamDrivers 19 - Collection of drivers for Windows (x86x64) [Multi]

General Info:-
Version of the program: 19
Language: Russian, English and other
Treatment: not required

System requirements:

  • Any version of Windows from Windows 2000 to Windows 10 (32bit-64bit)
Description: Collection of drivers from for all 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems, starting from Windows 2000 and up to Windows 10 including server platforms. As the installer shells for auto-detecting your hardware and automatically installing the necessary drivers, we used specialized utilities: DriverPack Solution 16.17.6 Plus / Drivers Installer Assistant 8.02.20 / Snappy Driver Installer / DRP 17.7.58 / Backup Drivers Backup shell Solution 3.90.21. The collection includes the most current drivers for the release date collected by SamLab personally. Do not confuse this package with the driver-packs from Bashrat'a - these drivers are newer and more stable.

Key features of the collection:

  • Support for 32/64-bit operating systems Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10
  • The maximum set of drivers for PCs and laptops on one disk
  • Automatic installation of one-touch drivers and programs
  • Express diagnostics of your computer / laptop equipment
  • Backing up the drivers installed in the system
  • Friendly and responsive multilanguage interface
  • Ability to run the program from any media
Driver-packs included in the collection:

  • DP_Biometric_17075.7z
  • DP_Bluetooth_17075.7z
  • DP_CardReader_17081.7z
  • DP_Chipset_17081.7z
  • DP_LAN_Intel_17062.7z
  • DP_LAN_Others_17081.7z
  • DP_LAN_Realtek-NT_17075.7z
  • DP_LAN_Realtek-XP_17023.7z
  • DP_MassStorage_17075.7z
  • DP_Misc_17073.7z
  • DP_Modem_17024.7z
  • DP_Monitor_17081.7z
  • DP_Printer_17073.7z
  • DP_Sound_ADI_17000.7z
  • DP_Sound_CMedia_17063.7z
  • DP_Sound_Conexant_17081.7z
  • DP_Sound_Creative_17072.7z
  • DP_Sound_IDT_17000.7z
  • DP_Sound_Others_17075.7z
  • DP_Sound_VIA_17000.7z
  • DP_Sounds_HDMI_17075.7z
  • DP_Sounds_Realtek_17075.7z
  • DP_Telephone_17073.7z
  • DP_Touchpad_Alps_17076.7z
  • DP_Touchpad_Cypress_17000.7z
  • DP_Touchpad_Elan_17075.7z
  • DP_Touchpad_Others_17010.7z
  • DP_Touchpad_Synaptics_17075.7z
  • DP_TV_Aver_17072.7z
  • DP_TV_Beholder_17000.7z
  • DP_TV_DVB_17074.7z
  • DP_TV_Others_17075.7z
  • DP_Vendor_17076.7z
  • DP_Video_Intel-NT_17076.7z
  • DP_Video_Intel-XP_17073.7z
  • DP_Video_nVIDIA-NT_17076.7z
  • DP_Video_nVIDIA-XP_17000.7z
  • DP_Video_nVIDIA_Server_17074.7z
  • DP_Videos_AMD-NT_17076.7z
  • DP_Videos_AMD-XP_17000.7z
  • DP_Videos_AMD_Server_17075.7z
  • DP_Videos_Others_17073.7z
  • DP_WebCam_17081.7z
  • DP_WLAN-WiFi_17081.7z
  • DP_WWAN-4G_17075.7z
  • DP_xUSB_17073.7z
  • DP_zUSB3_17075.7z
  • DP_zVirtual_17075.7z

Check Sums:-
Name: SamDrivers_19.0.iso
Date: 23-01-2019
Size: 19.7 GB (4,009,639,936 bytes)
SHA-1: 2377f46ae0283a2bc66da2ce5f8d55d4150a3794
MD5: ae1cf147820059634e815def986bfd83
CRC32: 2283364a

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My upload? It's over 9000 kB/s!!!
197.5 GB
2.5 TB
TheRain, too bad i haven't met you 20 years earlier.
It would have made those daily fresh installs of that #$%#$% windows 98 a lot more bearable ;)

Thx once again for your upload!


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47.7 GB
12.9 GB
thanks rain for your wonderful upload, but i wonder which DVD would this iso fit into, would you also post the required DVD for this software


Registered User
9.1 GB
7 GB
Thank you sir

thanks rain for your wonderful upload, but i wonder which DVD would this iso fit into, would you also post the required DVD for this software
You can extract .iso file with WINRAR