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Direct Pichon (Icons8) + Portable - TeamOS


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Find the icons you need and add them into any graphics design project thanks to this application, which bundles a generous icon collection and searching capabilities

Graphic designers and pretty much all users who need to personalize the looks of a software product or of a website will need, among many other things, a fresh set of icons that are suited for that application or webpage.

In case creating a whole iconset from scratch may seem time-consuming and you are not willing to spend hours learning and exercising a new craft, a utility like Pichon could be the solution you are looking for.

Tray application with a clean layout

Setting up Pichon is a rather simple task, but it may take a few minutes until it is complete because of the impressive number of icons it has to copy onto disk. Nonetheless, in a short while you will be able to deploy it and from the system tray area bring up its GUI by clicking its icon.

The interface, as you will notice immediately, is quite nice to look upon and highly practical as it keeps all its functions in plain sight, for easier access. Also, there is a generous space allocated to the icon preview, so you can look at a great number of items in the same time.

Instant search and advanced icon handling options
Pichon is very well organized and all the icons it comes with are placed under relevant categories to make them easier to retrieve. The built-in search function is extremely fast and as you type you will see the results starting to appear.

A great thing about the entries indexed by this program is that they bear relevant tags, so it is possible to perform a query using a term that is not necessarily a category or file name and still get accurate results.

What's more, Icons8 will enable you to find similar icons, copy the icon image or its file shortcut, all these from the menu that appears when right-clicking any item from the list.

A blazing fast icon finder with an impressive database
To sum things up, this software solution seems to be one of the best users can hope for, first of all thanks to the great speed in finding the icons. The huge number of items it brings is also a big plus, as is the utmost ease of use which makes this tool well suited for all types of users.

File: PichonSetup.exe
Size: 63.2 MB (6,62,90,576 bytes)
MD5: af63f4fe632e05b76a5e3dfc203c2e64
SHA-1: de7a06d7ec1e79baea7834a3a2df8a86d437db16
SHA-256: 258bd1d60022161b887fd16a785a96822278c25cb5d26c866876f76e037daa56

File: Patch.exe
Size: 578 KB (5,91,872 bytes)
MD5: 6bed6e9ee0604e16b716e31f6fbc72da
SHA-1: 23765b14859cdd305f802d9d5517ccc0eb4e75c0
SHA-256: 720c78ea4bd1c5b9e31f3599be792ada219cbdfdb8e47c0d4bae87d51c1cbd3b

File: Pichon.
Size: 447 MB (46,91,44,923 bytes)
MD5: db74f0d266906e569cf22ebf35e59fb3
SHA-1: c3e38a099d0cb06e67f7be45983f0ee7d0ec5c38
SHA-256: fd28123ab3ec32e19f743ce32398655bddf91938418d8e846eb424c97a16d8a7

Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10

Please look ReadMe.txt

Original Software Developers, RadiXX11

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