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Direct Oracle VM VirtualBox 6.0.8 Build 130520 with Extension Pack REPACK (Install + Portable) - TeamOS


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Install and run multiple operating systems as virtual machines and tweak advanced features, such as shared folders, seamless windows, and 3D virtualization

Whether you are a professional software tester or you simply like to evaluate a large array of apps before choosing the one that best suits your necessities, you probably know that a virtualized environment can save you a lot of trouble: you can install any app without worrying it might mess up your previous settings and you can get rid of it just as easily.

And if you want to test the same app on several operating systems, Oracle VM VirtualBox can be quite helpful.

User-friendly layout and steps to follow for adding a new machine

The application comes with an intuitive interface that allows users to add a new virtual machine and choose the OS they prefer (be it Solaris, Windows, Linux, BSD or Mac OS X), as well as the exact version.

The next steps include assigning the new virtual machine the amount of RAM and HDD space it will take, as well as the type of storage, dynamic or fixed, it is to occupy on the PC.

Working with virtual machines

In order to launch any virtualized OS, you simply need to press the Start button - once it is running, you can pause, reset or close your virtual machine, or even clone it or create a dedicated desktop shortcut to help you open it whenever you need it.

Advanced features

If you are an expert user, you can also benefit from specialized functions of Oracle VM VirtualBox, such as shared folders, seamless windows, 3D virtualization, multi-generation branched snapshots, remote machine display and modularity.

Oracle VM VirtualBox also features versatile hardware support, so that you can create virtual machines that have multiple virtual CPUs (regardless of how many cores you have physically on your PC), that recognize USB devices or ones that come with multi-screen resolutions, integrated iSCSI support and PXE network boot.

A top product on the market

To wrap it up, it is safe to say that Oracle VM VirtualBox can come in handy to both novices and experts: while the former can get their virtual machines up and running in no time, the latter can customize their virtualized environment to the tiniest details.

VirtualBox 6.0.8 (released May 13 2019)
This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:

* Core: fix saved state resume failures (bugs #18265 and #18331)
* User interface: show full file location in New Medium window.
* User interface: fix mouse click pass-through problems in multi-screen virtual machines (6.0.6 regression, bug #18567)
* Graphics: fixed a crash when powering off a VM without graphics controller (bug #18570)
* API: partial fix for dealing with VM config conflicting with other VMs related to medium UUIDs, now correctly flags VM as inaccessible (bug #17908)
* Windows hosts: Support paths longer than 4096 characters on in shared folders
* Linux hosts: fix kernel module build breakage in non-default build set-ups (bug #18620, thank you Ambroz Bizjak)
* Linux hosts: fix kernel module build breakage in debug build set-ups (bug #18621, thank you Ambroz Bizjak)
* Windows guests: notice file size increases in shared folders which were missed in certain cases
* Linux guests: make shared folders work with Linux 3.16.35
* Linux guests: fix incorrectly read-only shared folders (bug #18345)

VirtualBox 6.0.6 (released April 17 2019)
This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:

* Virtualization core: nested AMD virtualization fixes
* User interface: fixed copying directories in file manager
* User interface: fixed operation progress in file manager when copying content
* User interface: fixed operation progress when deleting snapshots
* User interface: fixed unattended installation of recent Ubuntu guests
* User interface: various additional improvements
* Storage: fixed loading saved states for LsiLogic devices (6.0.0 regression; bug #18263)
* Storage: fixed fixed reading certain QCOW2 images and support version 3 of the format readonly
* Storage: Improved IDE PCI emulation to allow NetWare IDE drivers to use bus-mastering
* Graphics: Improved VMSVGA support to work with old X servers which previously showed only a badly scrambled screen
* Graphics: fixed invisible mouse cursor with VMSVGA emulation and without mouse integration (bug #18239)
* Graphics: make EFI work with VMSVGA emulation (bug #18282)
* Graphics: remember last guest screen size VMSVGA emulation
* Graphics: fix RDP to guests using VMSVGA emulation
* Graphics: various additional VMSVGA emulation fixes
* Audio: implemented audio device enumeration for the DirectSound backend
* Network: fixed unwanted padding bytes in Windows host adaptor network packets (bug #18202 and bug #18355)
* Serial: fixed possible crash on Windows when using a host device (6.0.0 regression; bug #18319)
* Serial: fixed loopback handling in the emulation causing garbage to be sent during boot with Linux guests (6.0.0 regression; bug #18319)
* Shared folders: fixed duplicate folders after restoring a saved state (bug #18373 and other)
* Drag and drop: fixed copying files from guest host (bug #18305)
* Recording: fixed modifying settings via VBoxManage (bug #18494)
* VBoxManage: crash fix (bug #18341)
* Fixed hangs during failed virtual machine start-up
* Windows host: fix unwanted wake-ups from standby (bug #18549)
* Windows host: disallow Pause as a host key (bug #18482)
* Linux host and guest: support Linux 5.0 and 5.1, thank you Valdis Kletnieks (see also bug #18515)
* Linux host: support kernel 4.4.169 (bug #18315)
* Linux host: fix logging when building Linux kernel modules (bug #18226)
* Linux host: clarified building Linux host drivers with secure boot (bug #18312)
* FreeBSD host: compilation fixes
* Installers: reduced size of packages
* Web services: work with Java 11
* LibreSSL compilation fix, thank you Stefan Strogin
* Windows guests: fixed running applications which use complex display topologies with WDDM driver, fixed Skype for Business hangs (bug #17092)
* Windows guests: fixed an occasional guest crash with WDDM driver and VBoxSVGA adapter (bug #18369)
* Windows guests: shared folder file creation detection issue (bug #9276)
* Linux guests: shared folder performance and reliability improvements and missing features (bugs #17360, #819)
* OS/2 guests: shared folder fixes (bug #18376 and bug #18379)

File: VirtualBox-
MD5: 2760092d58616c6d18e623dcda930644
SHA-1: d6ddcb37a80ec69bf9a98e836cfe7084982648a1
SHA-256: 7ad0eb412df7d299170df55d50d443bf1d76fef91980161faf85af6d39803987

Windows 10, Server 2012, 2008 R2, 2008, 2003, 8/8.1, 7, Vista, XP (x32/x64 bit)

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