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Torrent Macos High Sierra 10.13 Build 17a365


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macOS High Sierra

New technologies used in the operating system, make the Mac more reliable, functional and fast. And they lay the foundation for future innovations. In addition, the macOS High Sierra has improved features and applications that you use every day. The system macOS comes to a new level.

Main innovations:
• Move mountains with new technologies. New base technologies in macOS High Sierra have allowed to improve the basic functions of Mac. Today, Mac is a new storage architecture, improved video viewing capabilities, full access to the resources of powerful graphics processors. And not only.

• Apple file system. New top management data. Documentation. Photo. ****. Applications. Everything that's so important to you is perceived by the Mac as data. And the file system is responsible for organizing this data in the form of files and folders and gives you access to them. Our previous file system was developed for the early Mac models and perfectly coped with their tasks. But the modern Mac is based on flash drives, and this opens up great opportunities for innovation. Therefore, it's time to lay the foundation for the future. In macOS High Sierra, we are introducing for the first time on Mac the Apple file system with an improved architecture that provides a new level of security and speed.

• HEVC. The new video standard. On the growing popularity of video 4K Mac meets the new standard HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding), also known as H.265.1 It is able to compress video up to 40% stronger than the current H.264 standard. Therefore, video files in HEVC format are transmitted faster and take up less space without sacrificing quality.

• Metal 2. New graphics rules. Today, for effective work on the Mac, the graphics processor is more important than ever. And graphics processors are becoming more and more powerful. Metal technology, built into macOS, allows applications to use the graphic potential of the computer to the maximum. Its new version of Metal 2 is not only a new level of image quality, but also the possibility of machine learning, support for virtual reality and external graphics processors in entertainment and professional applications. With Metal 2, you can incorporate the imagination into full power - and playing games, and creating content, and developing software.

• Virtual Reality for Mac. Brave new world. Thanks to macOS High Sierra, developers can create for the first time on Mac interactive virtual reality applications. This is possible on a new iMac with a Retina 5K display, a new iMac Pro, and on other supported Mac models when an external video card is connected. The system has improved support for VV VaV points from Valve and VR helmet HTC Vive. Particular attention is paid to the work of applications to create visual content - such as Final Cut Pro X, Epic Unreal 4 Editor and Unity Editor. Now the developers have everything to immerse you in new exciting worlds.

Main features:
Browse, sort and edit your photos in the Photos application.
• Turn Live Photos shots into short videos using the new "Loop" and "Pendulum" effects.
• Easily find and sort content in the new sidebar.
• Adjust the color and contrast of the photos with the new "Curves" and "Defined Color" tools.
• Open third-party applications directly from the Photo and save the processed pictures back into the library.
• Look through the old photos collected in the new sections of the "Memories" function: animals, weddings, outdoor activities and so on.
• Create print photographic products and other projects using third-party extensions.

Use the improved Safari browser.
• Disable automatic video playback with sound.
• Enable intelligent data collection protection to prevent websites and advertising services from monitoring your online activities.
• Specify specific settings for Reader mode, page zoom level, application of content blocking tools, and other settings.

Evaluate the new features of the ****.
• Find the desired letters with the Best Match function faster.
• Use Split View when writing a new letter in full-screen mode.
• Save space on the Mac by compressing messages.

Look for information about flights to Spotlight.
• Check the status of flights: enter the airline name and flight number in the Spotlight field.

Keep ideas in Notes.
• Organize information using custom tables.
• Secure the notes you want to keep at the top of the list.

Get musical recommendations from assistant Siri.
• Siri now speaks in a more natural voice, with different intonations, changes the tempo of speech, uses meaningful accents.
• Use Siri's personal music recommendations when listening to Apple Music.

Safely store family data in iCloud.
• Make a family subscription to the iCloud repository so that all family members can securely store their data and perform backups.
• Create a Family Access group and manage the accessibility options for its members.

Performance, reliability and security of the Mac increased thanks to Apple's new file system.
• Navigate to a new file system created specifically for Mac computers with flash drives.
• Assess the response rate when performing basic tasks, such as duplicating files or calculating the amount of data in a folder.
• Protect the entire disk with the built-in encryption.

Go to the new video compression standard 4K - the HEVC standard.
• Create and watch high-definition video using the HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) standard. Such video recordings take up to 40 percent less space without sacrificing quality.

Evaluate the new quality of graphics and the high computational efficiency that Metal 2 technology provides.
• Uncover the full capabilities of the GPU Mac, using a new, improved version of Metal.
• Use impressive tools to create content that supports virtual reality.
• Create modern applications using functions that accelerate machine learning.
• Watch and work at the same time.

How to install:
1. Mount the disk image
2. Copy "Install macOS High Sierra" in the "Programs" folder
3. Run the copied application

Clean installation from a flash drive
Step one
1. Mount the downloaded image of macOS 10.13 [MAS] .dmg
2. A window appears with the file "Installing macOS High Sierra.app"
3. This file must be transferred to the Programs folder

Either use DiskMaker X, skip all the below and immediately proceed to the fourth step.

Step Two
We format the drive in the Mac OS Extended (journaled) format with the GUID partition scheme:
1. Open the Disk utility, select the drive (flash drive).
2. Select the "Disk partition" tab, in the list of sections, select "Section 1".
3. Open the "Options", select the GUID partition scheme.
4. In the column "Format" choose Mac OS Extended (journal).
5. "Name" is USB. Click "Apply".
Note: OS X El Capitan and newer format is called OS X Extended (journaled).

Step Three
1. Start the program Terminal (Programs / Utilities / Terminal), insert the following command (the command is entered without moving the lines - just copy and paste it whole) and press Enter, confirm the action by entering the administrator password:
(despite the fact that when you type the password will not be displayed, it is still entered).
sudo / Applications / Install \ macOS \ High \ Sierra.app/Contents/Resources/createinstallmedia --volume / Volumes / USB --applicationpath / Applications / Install \ macOS \ High \ Sierra.app
After 10-15 minutes, the terminal will complete the creation of the boot flash drive. In the process, you will see the following:
Erasing Disk: 0% ... 10% ... 20% ... 30 ...
Copying installer files to disk ...
Copy complete.
Making disk bootable ...
Copying boot files ...
Copy complete.
When Done appears, your bootable flash drive will be ready.

Step Four
If you make all the necessary backups, you can start a clean installation. Reboot the computer with the USB drive connected, holding alt (Option) at startup. Choose our flash drive, in the window that appears, go to Disk Utility, erase the drive of our Mac (in no case to confuse it with a USB flash drive) and proceed to install the High Sierra.

System requirements:
• 64-bit Intel processor
• OS X 10.7 Lion or higher
• at least 2 GB of memory
• 8 GB of free disk space
• Some functions require an Apple ID; compliance with the conditions is required.
• Some features require a compatible Internet service provider;
may be charged.
• Continuity (Handoff and AirDrop) requires compatible Bluetooth LE (4.0)

Supported models:
• iMac (mid-2009 or newer model)
• MacBook Air (model end of 2010 or newer)
• MacBook (model end of 2009 or newer)
• Mac mini (model beginning of 2010 or newer)
• MacBook Pro (model beginning of 2010 or newer)
• Mac Pro (model beginning of 2010 or newer)

1. Read instructions above.

If you want to install this MacOS on a PC, use this link @Ralph provided for us:


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I understand now.
You have to burn the ISO image to a USB flash drive.
I was accustomed to mounting the image and using the contents.
I did it on a MS Windows machine using Power ISO application. Tools\Create Bootable USB\RAW file.
That seemed to work to burn image to flash drive.
Now trying to install; testing if works....


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3.5 GB
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I understand now.
You have to burn the ISO image to a USB flash drive.
I was accustomed to mounting the image and using the contents.
I did it on a MS Windows machine using Power ISO application. Tools\Create Bootable USB\RAW file.
That seemed to work to burn image to flash drive.
Now trying to install; testing if works....
Yeah! You're right - it's not like Windows... it's macOS :)