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Introducing Upload Multiplier


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Hello All,

With the new features we received recently, we have got some new updates which hasn't been mentioned yet, so I will be introducing you all to this new feature and its uses and implementation.

What is Upload Multiplier?
It is a feature which allow system to multiply a users upload data, so whenever a user download a Torrent File and seed it back , based on these upload multipliers there upload data can be multiplied.
For Eg :- If a user having Upload Multiplier of 2x , uploads 100 MB , then in his profile upload data will be set as 200MB.

Where we have implemented it so far?
We have implemented it in our VIP System and Donor System below are the complete details of the same.

2 Month Donor - Gets Double Upload Data on Each Torrent

02 Month VIP - Gets Double Upload Data on Each Torrent
06 Month VIP - Gets Triple Upload Data on Each Torrent
01 Year VIP - Gets Triple Upload Data on Each Torrent

Please note that the above is applicable to only new VIP/Donor, means who becomes and applies for VIP/Donor after this post being Posted. All Existing VIP and Donor won't be having these facilities atm, However we are looking for options to implement it for existing members, but can't ensure the implementation as VIP Plan are already activated in their accounts and modifying existing plans is not an easy option.

However on Renewals and New VIP/Donor , these changes will be implemented automatically.

Interested in Becoming a VIP/Donor or Find more details about it then follow the below links :-

Become VIP

Become Donor

What is in their for Members?
Well we have a new feature named Global Multiplier, so on special occasions like Christmas, New Year and others, we will enable the Global Multiplier and all users will be able to upload and get the mentioned Multiplier for their Uploaded Data. So just wait for those opportunities.
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