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How To Change Windows 10 User Account Picture To Video


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Long time PC users will know what is a user account picture and how to change it in Windows. For those who are not sure, a user account picture is nothing but the picture that appears on the login screen as well as on the Start menu.

With Windows 10, Microsoft made subtle changes to the login screen to display a fairly large circular shaped user picture instead of a square one. The user account picture on the Start menu is tiny compared to the one on the sign in or login screen.

As you likely have noticed by now, one can change the user account picture in Windows 10 and the procedure is fairly easy. In fact, it’s been possible to set and use a picture as user account picture for ages in Windows operating system.

To change the current account picture, all you need to do is, open up the Start menu, click on the user (account) name, click Change account settings, and then click browse button to select the image button.

Video as user account picture?
But did you know that you can set a video file as your user account picture in Windows 10? Yes, Windows 10 enables you record a video using the web camera and then use it as user account picture (video).

You might argue that it was possible to set a video file as even in Windows 7, but Windows 7 required a third-party tool for that. The ability to set a video file as user account picture was actually added with Windows 8 and is present in Windows 10 as well.

Before following the instructions, keep in mind that the newly set user account video will function only on the login screen and it will not play on the Start menu.

To record and use a video as your user account picture/video, please use the given below directions.

Make sure that your built-in or connected web camera is working fine with Windows 10 and make sure that the web camera is not disabled. If it’s not working at all, you might need to install or update its drivers.

Use video as user account picture in Windows 10
Since Windows 10 supports using a video as account picture, we are sure that it will be possible to set a video of your choice as account picture without recording, but we are not sure how to make it possible.

Step 1: Open the Start menu. Click on the user account name or picture located top-left of the Start menu and then click Change account settings option to open the accounts section of Settings app.

Step 2: To record a video using the web camera and set it as account video, click on the Camera icon appearing under Create your picture.

Step 3: The native Camera app will automatically launch. To record a video, click on the Video icon first to switch to video mode (see below picture) and then click on the Video icon again to begin recording the video using the camera.

Once done, click on the Video icon again to pause the recording, click on the play button to preview the recorded file, and then click OK button to set the recorded video file as user account video.

Isn’t it cool?

Have you changed your user account picture to video? :giggle:


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What type of file extension does it need to be? This is awesome but I don't own a webcam.