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Hello Members.. A Few Of My Thoughts..

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Hey all. Im not sure I every introduced myself so Hi All and standby. Wasnt sure where to put this post but thought it might just be noticed here more. I would like to share something with all of you.. I see this today here and this is the Quote
"Seems odd. Kind of invites new people to randomly post garbage, just to get their post count up" end quote.

This really struck me as unnecessary from a new member, I mean think about it for God Sakes..
We register here and there is no cost. The site NEVER asks for money or donations. Once you have registered you will find all the latest updated software here and more, much more. You also have the option to donate and have access to a VIP section with really special OS. The donation is more than reasonable, example.. A one year donation gives access to hundreds of dollars of Special Special Stuff. Sure money is tight for many, but when one can, how could you go wrong..

These guys and gals that put this all together in a wonderful fashion work there butts off.. After awhile it maybe easy for them but still time involved is tremendous.. I know cause I only done one thread and it was tedious and stressful.

So in a nutshell why is it so much to merely ask for a >> Kind and courteous comment.. A little feedback on your experience. Consideration for the uploader , his time and skill and patiences... Just how about it everyone..

I'll wrap this up now and I hope I have gotten through with my feelings.

Thats all I got to say about this.. Have a great experience!!;)
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I've enjoyed seeing this site develop so far and it seems torrents aren't as easy to get as they used to be. This is not only keeping them alive but I don't have to quality check these which is a huge deal. As a introduction post I would say I'm an old soul at heart but not so much in age.


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Well said.
I know from experience that setting up a site like this isn't easy at all.
We all seen many big ones bite the bullet and many pop up which are shady to say the least.
There is so much going on on a site like this and most people don't even know that
So show them the respect they deserve by donating, leaving a comment and being respectful to everyone....
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