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*Guidance for Registered Users to Gain Forum Rank-2019*


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User promotion no longer exists by system. It's treated manually by Staff members.
You will need to maintain requirements under your account and have patience.
Staff members will take notice if you are doing good things.
Have patience and keep up the good work! Thanks!

If you request rank upgrade then it might get rejected. So, please stick to plans and wait for your call.
Good luck!

Once the request is approved by staff, users will have the power of Verified Member
They will be able to post without moderation.

Moderators and Staff members must check users to make sure they have at least 10 good Threads Posted.
All Staff will watch and monitor 'Post and Share' section.

Requirements to Become (Verified member) must have:

1. 10 Good Posted Threads. (Wallpapers, Tech News, Tips and Tricks>> Not in the count)

2. Users must be active here at least 3 months.

3. Your account status must be clean. No warnings. (Warning tab must be cleared)

4. You agree to the terms & conditions of posting material here on Team OS.

5. You must read FAQ and jump directly on this link after reading FAQ: Do's & Don't

Side Note addition:

Once member is approved, as time goes by and they would like to ask for Uploader Badge or Status..
Then Find Staffer or Administrator and ask..

Staff will then discuss and approve or disapprove as they see fit..
You must follow this to even think about gaining rank..

All Staff will Watch and Monitor Post and Share.


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This makes perfect sense, explained nice and clearly. Thanks very much for this post, enjoying every day more on this forum.:)