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Direct F-Secure Freedome VPN version 2.27.5861 Repack -=TeamOS=-


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F-Secure Freedome is one of the biggest VPN companies out there. They boast that no other company has aided more European cybercrime investigations. It was founded in 1998 (as Delta Fellows) in Helsinki what proves to be a savvy move because Finland has one of the most strict privacy laws in the world. Today, they are public cybersecurity and privacy company with over 1000 employees. Their team is spread out across 20 offices from Helsinki to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

F-Secure Freedome is a reliable and efficient software solution created to provide a user with the means of maintaining his anonymity online, being able to prevent ill-intended individuals from stealing user information or websites from tracking and determining user location. F-Secure blocking unwanted third-party malicious sites and shielding a user from phishing sites, malware, and ad trackers. It protects user Public and Private Wi-Fi experience through the secure OpenVPN protocol and relies on state-of-the-art, AES-256 encryption which gives access to geo-blocked content. The OpenVPN tunnelling protocol is default on all Android, Windows, and MacOS X products while IKEv2 is offered for iOS. Both protocols are the best of the best and should be used whenever available. It secures user everyday online activities like doing taxes, online banking, streaming, and browsing.

It provides 29 global servers which include nine in North America, three in Asia, 16 across Europe, and a single server in Australia. The application is flanked by stats showing how much of user Web traffic has been protected, how many malicious sites have been blocked, and how many attempts to track user online activity have been thwarted, which is on par with of other apps like Spotflux Premium and Hotspot Shield.

Key features:
  • Connection protection: Wi-Fi;
  • Browsing protection: Protecting web surfing;
  • Tracking protection: Anonymity on the Internet and applications Tracking protection;
  • Virtual location;
  • No logs of user traffic;
  • Access blocked content;
  • Wi-Fi security and encryption;
  • Surf safe and untracked.

Repack features:
Treatment is not required (the installer has already been treated);
Ability to reset time limit;
OPTIONAL: Choose between pre-setting options before installation;
OPTIONAL: Ability to create a trial reset task in Windows Scheduler;
Module for sending bug reports are removed;
Pick up the external 'settings.reg' file (if it is located next to the installer).

Command line switches:
Silent installation with / SILENT or / VERYSILENT keys (or by using Silent installation.cmd file).

System requirements:
OS: Windows 7 or later;
Computer with reasonable speed;
Internet Connection.

Install notes:
1. Kindly read "Readme.txt" file BEFORE installation;
2. Enjoy!


Virus free! 100% clean!
All credits go to elchupacabra who made and shared the repack version with us!

Executable file: F-Secure Freedome VPN 2.27.5861.0.exe
MD5: D126F359EFFC14156FEE01074C879CD9
SHA1: 41882787B0E56C9FB6059B9C22CD0A3FEBA81EEA
SHA256: 6CFD525F9C3D1C96B63737844134BD54BE4B0177788DF995804E881039918DC3

File: Silent install.cmd
MD5: 9AB6E8521C5CF656708E7C04D8697EDC
SHA1: 31887AFC58A6D45044F3FC61303AB18CCEA0B439
SHA256: A24B1531A8C3C6E9DDBB939B436F44975BF832C569B2C8FED9F5FF69A18F5CA0

Kind regards,
in collaboration with TeamOS ;)

Download links - version 2.27.5861 Repack (Size: 41.83 MB):

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39.8 GB
447.6 GB
no found "Readme.txt" file in archieve.. maybe you forgot to insert it..
by the way.. thanks for sharing..
Yes, I forgot. If you want to read it download again. Links reuploaded! Enjoy!


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I was looking for a VPN. Thank you, just what i needed
Hello, i am having trouble running it.
i have added the Fredom Reset to the trust list.
I run it as Admin.
When i run it i get this message:
"Admin Permissions Needed
Freedome needs to restart services that require administrative permissions"
If anyone knows how to solve this i would appreciate it.
When i run it for viruses with VirusTotal half the engines pick it up as Trojan and the rest as Clean
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Partially solved, uninstalled and reinstalled.

It gets stack to CONNECTING ON


i get a message from windows security:

"Would you like to install this device software?
Name F-Secure Corporation Network Adapters
Publisher: F-Secure Corporation"

Do i install this?

Solved. Thank you for the program