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Evo-host Special Exclusive Cheap Seedbox Plans For Teamos Members

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We are here to present one of the best plans of seedboxes you have ever seen with the help of teamos-hkrg.

We will be providing very cheap 2 variants at the moment.

Note : Both plans have only 20 available slots, be fast and claim yours.

First Plan : 50GB for only 100Rs/Month or 1.4Euro/Month.

Second plan : 100GB for only 200Rs/Month or 2.8 Euro/Month.

You will be getting 1GBPS unmetered bandwidth.

Public Tracker torrents are also allowed.

Features of our seedboxes:

1.>ruTorrent Webui with long list of plugins.
2.>Deluge Webui
4.>HTTP access to your files
5.>Quickbox control panel

Available Payment methods : Paytm,Paypal,2Checkout

People outside India can use any method available on site. (Paypal , 2Checkout)

People from India can use 2checkout for debit and credit card or we will provide special service with Paytm, just transfer the amount to our number which will be provided.

Special Note if you are using Paytm :

1.>Order the seedbox from the below given link
2.>Select any payment method but don't complete the payment.
3.>Send the money to the given number.
4.>Open ticket and mention the wallet transaction id and screenshot
5.>Wait for our response and email with your seedbox details

Click on the link to Add special plan to your cart

Must use above links to buy else you won't be able to find this plan on our site.

Why should you use seedbox ?

1.>ISP banning or monitoring P2P traffic
2.>Low speed network
3.>Private Torrent Website Users
4.>Network with limited bandwidth

Benefits of using Seedbox

1.>Keep up the ratio on private torrent website
2.>Rest your PC as seedbox will be seeding 24/7
3.>Save your bandwidth
4.>Download contents even if you ISP has banned P2P

For any help you can contact us at :

Team OS chat is Best :
Skype : evohostofficial
or open ticket on our site.

Also contact us on above details if you want a custom plan.

Hope you enjoy our services and thank you to teamos-hkrg for this wonderful opportunity.
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Ok I knew this was coming and so glad to see it.:rock:

@Mr.Lonely You mention this Exclusive Offer available for "Team-OS Member Only"

What about the Members who have ruined their Ratio's? Can we offer them Anything at all? I hope you understand my point.. I seen an Opening and took it, Mate!!!
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is it necessery to post it over here?
Today, 2.80 Euros are worth 3.20 Dollars, ie, €2.80 = $3.20. That's because the current exchange rate, used to convert to Dollars, is 1.14. So, to make Euro to Dollar conversion, you just need to multiply the amount in EUR by 1.14, the currency rate today.
just in case any in USA ask


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How many months I can pay
And if i cancel my subscription what will happen to my seedbox


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It looks like very good prices. I have always been interested on how to make seedbox server I will have to lookup on that sometime.
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