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Locked Evaluating/rating Upload Sites: "Blue Sites" vs "Red Sites"

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This post is from the perspective of a downloader. Uploaders are the life-blood of this site and I am thankful of their efforts. I hope the main point I raise here makes the site work smoothly for uploaders and downloaders.

As a downloader, I personally prefer torrents; the ideal would be uploads that provide both torrent and direct modes. But I realize that torrents are not everyone's cup of tea and there will be "Direct only" uploads.

I find that some upload sites are well-behaved, while some are horrid. One question I have is: In the past, has there been any attempt to rate various possible upload sites? If yes, I would appreciate links. (I did search the Forum, but couldn'f find any such thread.) If not, or if there hasn't been a recent one, I hope the following suggestion will be considered seriously.

There're various ways in which upload sites create headaches for downloaders:

1. Some sites insist that users sign up with a credit card. I refuse to use such sites.

2. Some sites make you go through all kinds of hoops to proceed. It's not clear what link to click on. Sometimes, if you click on a wrong link, you've had it: it takes you to very undesirable sites. Often, after spending a lot of time, I have ended up with nothing.

3. There's one behavior that downloaders find irritating, but acceptable. Some sites make you wait, especially for the second download. I realize that these sites have to raise revenues aand they try to encourage us to go for paid premium membership. If making us wait is the only issue, that is, if after waiting, things go smoothly, I would say it's acceptable.

4. Some sites are otherwise well-behaved, but seem to be overly aggressive in removing uploads, perhaps for copyright reasons. Their behavior can be lauded morally, but we end up with too many links that say "File not found" or "Site cannot be reached".

Can we start a thread to collect downloaders' experience with various upload sites? The end-goal would be to arrive at two lists:

First, a "Blue List" of well-behaved, user-fridendly upload sites.

Second, a "Red List" of upload sites that should be avoided.



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upload sites as in file hoster?
Yeah.. Notably Google drive and mega..

Any link(s) that embed with PTC and any monetize system or even popup-ad, should be banned from here..

For wait system, i'm OK.. If you don't want to wait, pay for their premium subscription...

"File not Found" is uploader responsibility. S/he needs to reupload that particular file(s) immediately...


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There is no need for anyone to start a Thread of Blue and Red Grading of hosting site.. We already have one and it is edited from time to time ..

Beside torrents rule here and will continue to rule as preferred... Period...

Thats all...
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