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Direct BEAUTIFY WINDOWS 10 (Arc theme for Windows 10 repacked)

Spycrawler Nightfire

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Are you looking for A beautifull theme for your desktop?

Do you find it hard to decide?

Maybe you are switching themes all the time.

If so this could be your match.

A beautifull make-over pack to make your windows look pretty

This is A updated repack of the original source files

The complete package has been left in tact.

The complete video tutorial has been added.

The complete latest Winstep Nexus Pack added wich can be found here:

with all credits to

Also added

ultrauxthemepatcher added wich can be found here:

oldnewexplorer not added but can be found here

with all credits to

As of now i also added the latest Arc X theme

ARC is back, better than ever! Redesigned from top to bottom. Minimal, modern, sleek and clean!

Compatible with = (1703,1709,1803, 1809 & *1903) =

hiDPI support for those on larger screens (except for ARC-Void)
Light or Dark Menu modes
Icon iPack for easy icon installation. Arc iPacks

2019-05-21 UPDATE Support for Windows 10 1903 light taskbar mode.
2019-04-17 UPDATE Support for Windows 10 1903.
2018-11-25 UPDATE 4 - Fix for Treeview in dark versions.
2018-11-21 UPDATE 3 - Now Includes Style for Dark Explorer Mode (*1809 or 1903 Required)
2018-11-20 Updates to the StartButton and Tray icons as per requests.
2018-11-14 Fixed some colors in the details pane.

For themes Windows 10 loads default colors from
after every lock/sleep/hibernate/crash.
Make a backup of that key in regedit, take ownership of it, and then delete that whole key (defualtcolors).

P.S. The font in the preview is Muli with MacType installed.


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Thank you but I couldnt get your files from those servers host. cant reach the first and the second is slow 80kb/s and finally stopped after 10% of download :-(


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:hi: I actually thought when I clicked the download link a notice would
come up saying, 'For VIP only get outta here. :wasntme: I hate to say it
but if I was allowed accidentally, I probably would still take it and
run.:blush::wasntme: Thank goodness I didn't have to break any rules. :whew:

:hi: Thanking you. :hi: