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Direct BackStab HD v1.2.6 [Restored/All Devices]


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BackStab HD v1.2.6 [Restored/All Devices]
: Android 4.0+
Overview: The action of the game happens in the 18th century in one of the Caribbean islands.

You are Henry Blake, the officer of royal fleet of England in the past, you need to help him with aspiration to justice and revenge. Use your dexterity, cunning, deadly fighting skills for defeat of the opponent and everyone who becomes on your way. In the game there’s quite big and beautiful world which has a set of traced elements, and for orientation in this space you are given a map. Also there will be a pointer which shows the direction you need to go for a performance of the mission. By the way, missions in the game are the most various - from simple, to carry a parcel to other place, to quite fascinating, to destroy some large ships.

What's New: Update: all devices, all GPU's, high graphics.

Technical info: cracked license (runtime patch), all resolutions, support of a DXT3-textures, uses fake GPU info, improve shaders optimization, 60 FPS unlocked, reduced textures for low-devices (<1 Gb Ram).

Compatibility: Android ICS and up, all devices, all GPU's.


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Anmol Dubey

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Thank you very very much for reviving this old android game for new gen devices. I've played this game on my xperia play 6 years ago and now I am amazed to see it now fully revived, thanks a lot again.

Can you please upload Gangstar Rio & Tom Clancy's Shadow Vanguard also, restored version for android 9 like backstab hd & 9mm HD games?